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A1 Steam Locomotive Trust

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Building and operating LNER designed locomotives to ensure the future of steam on the main line. Established in 1990, The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust was formed to build a Peppercorn class A1 Pacific, based on the 1940s design but fully equipped for operating on today’s railway. The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust is an organisation like no other. From its inception, we have encouraged volunteers to do for the Trust what they do for a living, instilling an air of professionalism across the charity. The Board of Trustees are all volunteers, dedicating their time to the smooth running of this multifaceted business, from fundraising to engineering and operating trains on the main line.


The Trust's activities are to build, preserve, operate and exhibit for public benefit, for educational benefit and instructional purposes locomotives of historical or scientific importance, in particular a peppercorn class A1 express passenger locomotive.

To study, research, preserve, restore, design, construct, develop, enhance, maintain and operate steam locomotives and all other aspects of the railway heritage of the London & north eastern railway for the public benefit for educational and instructional purposes, including without limitation, the company's existing peppercorn class a1 locomotive, 'tornado' a Gresley class p2 locomotive and the Kylchap double blast pipe and chimney; and (2) to preserve and improve the general, historical, engineering and scientific knowledge and expertise regarding the above railway heritage, for the public benefit for educational and instructional purposes.

Current opportunities

County Durham and Tees Valley, DL3 0PY

The role includes leading on the relationship with Darlington Borough Council and other partners in the town’s Rail Heritage Quarter project...

County Durham and Tees Valley, DL3 0PY

Based in the Darlington Locomotive Works, (DLW), the role leads Trust human resource (HR) and facilities’ management (FM) activities. ensuring the...