12th Eastleigh/1st Bishopstoke Scout Group

12th Eastleigh/1st Bishopstoke Scout Group

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This is a group for young people from the age of 6 to 14 years to enjoy camping, hiking, canoeing and loads of other activities.

We work together to ensure we supply a fun, exciting and educational experience for all the children in our group. The children take part in experiences they wouldn’t get in day-to-day life which enables them to learn, grow in confidence and go on to enjoy adventures in life.


We provide several camping expeditions a year which vary in set up.  For example we have group camps in the New Forest with forest skills, camp fires, cooking and other outdoor activities.  We also have basic camps for our older children camping under the stars under a tarpaulin, cooking in mud ovens, learning survival skills. Annually we have a summer camp (this year in Wales) where the young people experienced Gorge Scrambling, Mud Assault course, circus skills, bicycle rides, gutting and cooking trout, tomahawk throwing and many more exciting activities.  

We have a wide ranging badge system which allows young people to grow skills in different areas such as IT, camping, photography, art, first aid and so on.  They can work towards Challenge Badges earning them the Chief Scout Award which is a lot of hard work but a great honour.  The young people learn new skills all the time, grow friendships, learn team working and have lots of fun.

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