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10:10 is a charity that brings people together to do positive, practical stuff that helps solve climate change.
10:10ers work together to:
?  Celebrate the good stuff that's already happening, and help it spread.
?  Cut carbon at home, at work, and in our communities.
?  Light up our best loved places with crowdfunded clean energy.
?  Convince people in power to tackle the stuff we don't control.

Our projects are designed to turn broad, shallow approval for climate action into strong, practical commitment that can have an impact on decision makers. We do this by creating opportunities for practical action that give people a personal stake in the low carbon world.

Our impact can be understood through the stories of those who have been touched by our campaigns. Here are some examples:

"I had a tough day and couldn’t sleep, so I got up and caught up on email. There in my inbox was your latest news about all the amazing positive progress that is being made around the world – I nearly cried for joy. Maybe my contribution really is making a difference, alongside all the other people who are doing such great things to help. And maybe my son will have a world worth living in after all.” - Supporter

“[Solar Schools] has been an amazing journey and restored my faith in community spirit.” - Volunteer

"[Solar Schools] has encouraged people to look at [installing] solar energy themselves. The local milkman put solar panels on his house because he used to come to the school when he was a boy" - Volunteer


We focus on the positive, practical stuff, taking a collective approach that turns individual actions at a local level into a force for bigger changes. Our activities include:

Solar Schools: powered by sunshine, funded by everyone.
Solar Schools gives teams of parents, pupils, teachers and volunteers everything they need to crowdfund solar panels for their school. Combining proven fundraising tricks and cutting-edge technology with good old fashioned community spirit, the project has raised over £500,000 for clean energy in classrooms all over the country.

After the success of Solar Schools, we're spreading this approach, beyond schools, starting with voluntary organisations in Manchester. We also have a number of other projects in the pipeline with mosques, churches and internationally in Chile.

#itshappening: real signs of a brighter future.
The #itshappening project collects and shares the best climate success stories from around the world, inspiring and motivating an audience of millions. Against a flood of bad news and a rocky road ahead, #itshappening is a reminder of how far we’ve come, and a call to step up our ambition for the future.

Back Balcome: repowering a village, inspiring a nation
One year after the arrival of a divisive oil drilling operation (and the inevitable protest camp), we’re working with the residents of Balcombe, West Sussex, to install 12,000 community owned solar panels - enough to match the power needs of every home in the village, and inspire a new wave of community energy projects nationwide.

Back Barton Moss (coming soon)
Barton Moss was the second place in the UK to be threatened by fracking. We're working with Moss Community Energy to show that community energy is for everyone, and to promote its benefits in tackling fuel poverty.

Look Up: a rooftop adventure for solar treasure hunters (coming soon)
Look Up is a mobile app that uses the onboard sensors in a smartphone to let anyone size up a building's potential for solar panels in seconds. It's an easy, fun way for absolute beginners to get involved with community energy.

Our Power - Local power for a fair price.
It's currently impossible for community energy groups to sell the power they generate to local people. This prevents communities from getting the full benefits of local energy, so we're leading a petition to get the government to change the rules.

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