Web Designer / Developer

Web Designer / Developer

Short term project
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  • Graphic design
  • Database / CRM development
  • Digital and IT strategy
  • Network / system management
  • Project management / Product owner
  • Software and web development


Harpenden, AL5 2JD
Mainly at home, or remote opportunity.
Travel limit? 50 Miles


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
3-7 hours / week
3-7 hours per week.


31 Oct 2020

We need a web designer/developer to merge our 2 existing websites in support of Deprived Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa that will significantly help us to drive sustainable economic growth from the grassroots.

What will you be doing?

WRBLO is an intermediary organisation that holistically supports small charities and NGO’s ensconced in Sub-Saharan Africa implementing and delivering vital projects and services for the public benefit necessitated by the specific needs of those communities they serve.

Through the spectrum of participation with our Specialised Social Responsibility Programme (SSR), WRBLO harnesses the goodwill of a new collective of integral, dynamic social investors who have a common desire to place social capital and community development on a par with their financial success. As an intermediary, WRBLO collaborates with donors and sponsors, to deliver grant-funding for sustainable social change, that builds economic growth from the grassroots. 

Through the SSR Programme WRBLO will identify, verify, evaluate, and fund sustainable projects, services and opportunities that we identify as drivers of social development and financial inclusion and revive economic growth through dynamic integral social investment.

WRBLO will do all it can to guarantee that the SSR programme, is delivered directly into ‘ground zero of poverty’, free of bureaucratic or political interference and the nefarious forces of corruption, fraud or financial mismanagement. 

The SSR Programme focuses its resources through small charities and NGO’s who implement projects and services in seven [broad] areas :

  • Poverty
  • General Healthcare 
  • Community Development 
  • Community Cohesion
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Local Agriculture
  • Local Business Enterprise

WRBLO are especially concerned about three core issues:

  • Orphanages
  • Slums
  • Access to insurance

Currently, we have two websites doing different things. We have concluded a spectacular consultation cycle delivered to us by 180 Degrees Consulting and we would like to implement all their recommendations. One of their recommendations is that we combine (www.wrblo.org and www.wrblo.com) into one composite website and have set out clearly the optics and strategy that we would like to implement as soon as possible.  

What are we looking for?

We are seeking a Web Designer who can work with PHP/JQuery/AngularJS. and who has a strong background in the mix of front end and backend development and should be comfortable with both. We use Angular JS as the ‘glue’ layer when loading or updating data with the backend, so some knowledge of this would be an advantage. Our CTO can expand on this if required. We use Mysql as our database of choice, and Doctrine as the dbo management layer.

This role will require a strong knowledge in PHP object orientated development, writing reusable code, have working knowledge of jQuery and JavaScript, working in an agile environment, the use of version control, and be a good communicator. We generate system documentation using PHPDoc and so you will be expected to add the required documentation tags as part of your coding. Front end design will be fully responsive and will be able to work on a variety of devices. The basic page design and systems design are already in place. 


Our systems are UK English and you will be expected to be fluent or have a good command of English as a second language. We are building the systems with the expectation that other languages will be required, the designs adopt a translatable approach.

We use the CMS Concrete5 as our platform so a working knowledge of this CMS would be a distinct advantage.

What difference will you make?

Much of the African continent is beleaguered with deeply rooted and complex issues which combined have produced enduring, abject, and endemic poverty, irrespective of Africa's natural and considerable deposits of valuable minerals and tradable commodities. as well as any enduring political stability. 

WRBLO will begin work in Uganda, being 1 of 6 politically stable jurisdictions where approximately 54% of their combined populations represent 20% of the world's poorest people.

Our Specialised Social Responsibility Programme (SSR) will holistically support small Charities and NGO's who have a track record of accomplishment, working in Deprived Communities.

WRBLO will invite organisations to apply for the funding they need to expand the delivery of effective and sustainable programmes vital to the communities they serve. 

WRBLO is affiliated with registered UK charities and local NGO’s and will our own auditors, through whom we network and maintain our evaluation, verification, auditing and reporting capability through digital processes, to provide intrinsic value to our plan which is committed to delivering maximum IMPACT through local charitable structures unable to access much-needed funding in support of the work they do within to Deprived Communities.

What's in it for the volunteer?

If you are seeking an opportunity to make a real and sustainable difference, by raising very many out of poverty onto a path to sustainable futures and to be assistive to those who long to be valued members of society, working with us will provide you with that accomplishment and the true satisfaction in knowing you have contributed to such positive impact and societal change in Africa.

International travel and in-country project management posts are eventually to be offered to candidates who volunteer for this role.

A few more details

The questions posed by the African author Ngũgĩ wa Thiong' reveals his view of why abject African poverty persists in Africa.

Read the full Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o Quote Here

Apply for this role and together we can work to reverse the trend that sees the poor ad vulnerable left behind.

Before you apply

We hope that you will consider this a worthwhile and noble cause to which you can add value so together we can make a real and sustainable difference, for only with such resolve, can we truly 'Rise By Lifting Others'
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  • Financial inclusion
  • International development
  • Poverty relief
  • Voluntary sector support
  • WRBLO Community Interest Company supports Deprived Communities in Developing Countries and will partner with all who share our determination to make a real and sustainable difference and deliver ...