Trustee with Social Media /Journalism /Marketing Experience

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Organisation: EAWA Enhancing the lives of Older People and their Carers

Location Enfield, London (North), EN3 7EH
Where the role is based Mainly at home
Travel limit Within 25 miles of Enfield and surrounding Boroughs
Opportunity type Trustee/Governor
Reference number J56058

Opportunity description

Social Media/Journalism/Marketing skills wanted to extend EAWA's reach. 

Support EAWA to/or write blogs on website, produce newsletters, mailouts, implement and manage Social Media presence   

The role

The roles and responsibilities of a trustee are provided. These are broad and overarching to make sure EAWA complies with its obligations.  EAWA does this effectively, and you will be a part of the team assisting with long term continuity and vision. 

EAWA has an annual Away Day at which we consider our strategic development and direction: here we set our priorities for the future. EAWA has been working to develop services in the community and working towards forming partnerships.

The environment is challenging however EAWA will steer carefully, to keep achieving valuable outcomes.  Your role will also enhance our Social Media and Marketing to extend our reach.

We would like you to advise and support the creation and publication of  blogs, newsletters etc and other communication aids; use Social media e.g. create and maintain social media channels for EAWA.  All positive input welcome.   

Required skills

  • Social media marketing
  • Advertising
  • Copywriting / journalism
  • Marketing strategy
  • Public relations
  • Strategic development and planning

Person description

You will have expertise in:


  • Social Media
  • Journalism
  • Marketing


We want a person with integrity, vision and creativity.  A hard working focussed person willing to devote time to this role and to further EAWA's charitable objectives.  A team player with an understanding of directorship responsibilities, legal duties with good judgement and strategic ability.  A person who gets things done and rolls up their sleeves practically to fulfil their area of expertise. 

What impact the opportunity will have

EAWA's services will be made more accessible by this role: with publicity using the website, social media etc we will reach the people in need with greater success. 

The impact of our services is hugely positive to Older people/Carers and others we help.  Older people with conditions improve or achieve a better quality of life with us, and Carers get support and respite. 

Our day care centre is a one stop shop of disability related services that are preventative, empowering, and proven to be successful.  To keep all our marketing maintained is a fundamental task of reaching out which cannot be under estimated. 

You will definitely make a difference using your skills with EAWA. 

What’s in it for the volunteer?

What is in it for you? You will be volunteering with a stable, established, professional organisation that does what is says with passion.  Your role will be creative, and you will have the tools to inspire people to join our services.  We have a committed altruistic board of professionals, so you will be a part of a healthy proactive team and organisation. 

Time commitment

Either in or out of office hours

Board Meetings are once a month on a Thursday evening from 7.45pm to 9.45pm Time for the website, social media or other will vary based on need.

Other details



Additional application instructions

Please send your CV or resume We will invite you to see our day care centre and offices, and have a chat with our CEO and Chairman. We will provide an induction and an induction pack.