Trustee with fund-raising experience and expertise.

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Organisation: Crossroads Care East Sussex Brighton & Hove

Location Brighton, East Sussex, BN1
Where the role is based Mainly at home
Travel limit 25 miles
Application deadline 28 Feb 2018
Opportunity type Trustee/Governor
Reference number J55704

Opportunity description

The trustee will lead on fund-raising, working closely with the management team.  As well as fund-raising, they will contribute to the general business and strategy of the company.

The role

The trustee will focus primarily on fund-raising. We are funded mainly by Local Authorities who are subject to ever increasing financial stringency and which are deploying increasing proportions of their resources to funding clients via direct payments. So, a key part of our strategy is to increase and improve our marketing to individual clients, both those funded by direct payments and those buying care with their own funds and to increase our financial resource through improved fund-raising.

Required skills

  • Business development
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Public relations
  • General management
  • HR
  • Volunteer management
  • Business advice / analysis
  • Strategic development and planning
  • Training

Person description

It is important for  us to recruit  a trustee who has experience in many aspects of fund-raising and marketing, the wider the experience in terms of media the better.

Working in a small organisation with very limited resources, the trustees need to be enthusiastic "self-starters" and very much team workers.

What impact the opportunity will have

The proportion of aged people and people with long-term health problems and disabilities in the population is growing fast, resulting in the need for us to cooperate with the NHS and a wide variety of other organisations to help people to stay at home as they want to rather than to go into hospital or residential care. Explaining and promoting the need for our work to wide and varied  audiences will be crucial to the expansion of our service which is central to our strategy.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

Our team is led by two very experienced professionals, one from the care industry, the other from finance.  The trustees are a small closely knit team of motivated and skilled enthusiasts who are fun to work with. In an extremely difficult environment, we are developing solid plans for future expansion. Trustees will be rewarded by knowing that the output of their skills will have a direct impact on those who receive our service, people often in keen need with little support from elsewhere

Time commitment

Either in or out of office hours

There are about 8 Board Meetings a year, each lasting 90 minutes, plus an AGM. There could be need for perhaps 3 or 4 other meetings per year.

Other details