Trustee with digital marketing experience

Trustee with digital marketing experience

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  • Digital strategy
  • Digital Trustees
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing strategy


Basingstoke, RG21 4AF
Mainly at home
Travel limit? This is a voluntary position, but your expenses will be fully reimbursed.


Either in or out of office hours Trustee meetings are currently held every three months in Westminster. You would be expected to try and attend at least 75% of the meetings per year.


16 Nov 2019

APS Support UK is a small, but increasingly influential medical charity that is looking to enlist the help of a marketing professional so we can reach out to as many patients with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS) as possible.

What will you be doing?

We are looking for a Marketing Trustee, ideally with digital experience, to join our small friendly team. The role of this trustee would be to help create and manage our marketing strategy. The current skillset of the charity’s board is 50% medical and, as APS Support UK continues to grow, the charity is aiming to bring in more trustees with outside professional experience.

Main responsibilities:

  • Managing our marketing strategy
  • Raising awareness of APS in the media
  • Developing our social media communication channels

We particularly need help with SEO – we have secured a Google Adwords grant but have yet to put this project into practice.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a communications and marketing professional who has a passion for raising awareness of a little-known disease that is often under-diagnosed and under-recognised.

The medical terminology surrounding antiphospholipid syndrome (and even the name itself!) can be challenging, so we are aware this role would involve quite a steep learning curve for most people.

Ideally, this trustee would have the ability to embrace a variety of communication channels, particularly digital platforms, to raise the profile of APS.


  • Ability to work in a small team
  • Integrity and discretion when handling confidential information
  • Sensitive to the particular challenges of a medical charity
  • Experience of marketing and communication strategic planning
  • Knowledge of social media platforms and digital channels


  • Experience in Search Engine Optimisation
  • Knowledge of email marketing

What difference will you make?

We are a very small charity with only one full-time and part-time members of staff, but we believe we punch well above our weight! However, we are aware that we need to keep raising awareness of APS to be sustainable and feel that we are now ready to enlist professional help.

The role of the Marketing Trustee will be pivotal to the growth and development of this increasingly influential small charity; essentially, it will mean that we can take our plans forward with confidence.

APS Support UK is a national charity dedicated to supporting people affected by antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). Trustees are protected by all the necessary insurances, and the fact that the charity is a company limited by guarantee.

APS is a life-threatening autoimmune disease that causes the blood to clot too quickly. The condition can cause potentially fatal events such as strokes, heart attacks, blood clots in the lung and DVTs.

In pregnancy, APS is the most important treatable cause of recurrent miscarriage and can increase the chance of stillbirth up to five times; it is also associated with other complications such as pre-eclampsia, low weight babies and premature births.

APS Support UK is working hard to raise awareness and medical education of this little-known disease, as well as providing support for patients and funds for research.

What's in it for the volunteer?

This role would give you the opportunity to work in a small, friendly team which is dedicated to saving and improving the lives of people with APS. You will have the opportunity to use your existing skills, and possibly develop new ones in a supportive environment.

Before you apply

The charity office is based in Basingstoke while the trustees' meetings are held in Westminster every three or four months. You would not be expected to come into the office regularly, but an introductory meeting would be good.
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • APS Support UK is a national UK charity dedicated to supporting people affected by antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).

    APS is an incurable life-threatening autoimmune condition that causes the...