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  • Digital strategy
  • Digital Trustees
  • Social media marketing
  • Financial management
  • Business development
  • Legal
  • Marketing strategy
  • General management
  • HR


Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire, PE11 1TA
Mainly at home
Travel limit? 30 miles - Core meetings locations include: Peterborough, Huntingdon


Either in or out of office hours 4 Trustee meetings a year, but your involvement in our reform programme will likely demand 1 - 2 hours per week on top.


13 Jan 2019

All round business experience and skills in some or all of Communications, HR, Finance, Digital, Legal, or Regulatory needed to strengthen the Trustee Board of our charity which has been successfully delivering counselling services for 40 years.

What will you be doing?

We are a long established charity with a fine track record, both operationally and financially. CCC has been steadily and sustainably growing for the last 40 years but over that time the environment in which we operate has changed dramatically, and we have not always kept pace with the changes.

We have governance and management structure reforms under way already, but to complete our transition to a modern, 21st century charity delivering much needed relief to people at difficult times in their lives we need to bring different perspectives to our Board.

Our challenge now - your challenge now - is to build on this solid foundation, preserving what is best in our culture while introducing changes in governance, management and strategy so that we can provide the same high levels of service to clients over the next 40 years as we have over the last 40.

Specifically, we need a small number of additional people who will work with other Trustees from varied backgrounds, a team of highly experienced specialist staff and counsellor Members of the charity.   You will use both your specialist skills and your all round business and management experience to:

  • develop strategies for the next 40 years’ success of CCC
  • shape the direction of the charity to ensure its long term financial sustainability
  • make sure we continue to deliver high quality counselling
  • check that CCC complies with all regulatory, financial and legal requirements
  • keep us at all times in line with our charitable aims and objectives
  • and above all to prepare us for the challenges of another 40 years of service in a fast changing environment 


What are we looking for?

We don’t require much from our prospective additional Trustees. All we want is

  • Specialist knowledge of: communications including web and social media, HR, Finance, Digital or Legal/Regulatory
  • Sector experience at managerial/Board level: NHS, government both national and local, large companies
  • Business experience: running an SME or charity with a number of employees or sub-contractors
  • Previous experience as a charity Trustee.

OK, so we are being rather demanding!   Coming back down to earth, we want to strengthen our existing Board of Trustees by recruiting a small number of people who between them tick as many of these boxes as possible. The one thing you won’t need is counselling expertise, as we have very able counsellors on the Board already.

Your role as a CCC Trustee will be to use your unique blend of skills and experience to shape the future direction of the charity. You won’t be doing this alone. You will share with the other Trustees collective responsibility for determining overall strategy, and you will be assisted by our small group of incredibly hard working staff.

Our business model, in essence, is to provide high quality counselling on a commercial basis and use the surplus to offer low-cost counselling to those who need it but can’t afford the full rate. CCC delivered a total of 3,850 counselling sessions in the year 2017/18 (up 21% on the previous year).    Demand for counselling just keeps going up, both in our local area (Cambridgeshire) and its surrounds. And we are determined to do all we can to meet the demand.

Find out more about Cambridgeshire Consultancy in Counselling on our website and Reach profile page.

What difference will you make?

Overall 99% of our client feedback is positive. Here is what our clients have been saying (extracts from our most recent client feedback report):

  • Excellent service. I felt very comfortable talking to my counsellor and felt the sessions were tailored for me and I have gained strategies for the future.
  • My counsellor was great in helping me with my difficult circumstances. I have learnt a lot about myself which I will take away and have a different outlook in the future
  • I found the sessions helped me a lot during a very challenging time and enabled me to see a way forward and get more support.
  • I was not able to explore all the issues I wanted but this is because I experienced a mental health crisis after the first session and this resulted in a change of direction, which was a good thing
  • I felt at ease enough to discuss some sensitive and difficult subjects and feel that I now have a greater insight into my ability to cope with various situations and make the necessary changes where possible.

As a CCC Trustee this is what you will be supporting.



What's in it for the volunteer?

What can CCC offer you that you maybe wouldn’t get elsewhere?

  • An opportunity to work with an experienced team and develop your own skills
  • The chance to use your particular skills and experience to make a visible difference to the way our charity operates.
  • The opportunity to bring an established, successful charity up to speed with modern approaches to business and management.
  • A complex set of interlocking challenges which all have the same aim: to make a real difference to people facing turmoil in their lives, whether at work or in their personal situation.

We can guarantee you will be stretched and never bored!

Before you apply

  • Counselling / advice
  • Education
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Mental health
  • About CCC 

    CCC is a mental health charity founded in 1978, providing affordable counselling and related services to organisations and to those in the local community who...