At a glance


  • Financial management
  • Fundraising research / Bid writing
  • Governance
  • General / operations management
  • HR
  • Mentoring / Coaching


Gateshead, NE8 1QB
Mainly at the office, or mainly at home.
Travel limit? No specific limit though knowledge of the local area is essential


Mostly outside office hours Estimate of time needed:
0-5 hours / month or 1-3 hours / week
Attend at least six board meetings per year, and some sessions to familiarise yourself with their organisation. Other hours according to role.

This is a great opportunity to help manage and develop a small local charity working with refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and local people, using music to build bridges and break down the barriers to integration.

What will you be doing?

The current challenge for our board is the need for trustees with managerial experience in any sector, but especially the charity sector.  We have successfully recruited some of our trustees from our client group in order to both represent their views and needs,  and to help them with their integration into British society. However there can be problems with language, lack of organisational experience in our culture and understanding the role of trustees.  Over the last two years we have more than doubled the number of music sessions we offer, and the number of venues we use, resulting in more management skills being needed to guide and develop the organisation.  Our goals are to recruit more volunteers, employ more tutors, increase the efficiency of our administration and help our members to relax and increase their feelings of well-being while progressing their musicals abilities. 

The specific skills we are looking for are: financial, (to support our treasurer), fundraising, human resources, legal knowledge,  policy and procedure writing, safeguarding, health and safety, IT/social media and data protection.  Expertise in any of these areas would be very useful and welcome.  You should be able to work collaboratively with other board members, staff, volunteers and members to achieve the current goals and plan for the future.  Additionally any experience of working with refugees, asylum seekers or migrants would be an advantage.

Specific responsibilities will be discussed and allocated according to any specific skills and experience that you can offer but it is essential that you have a strong desire to to help and support the refugee, asylum seeker and migrant community become an accepted and valued part of the Tyneside community.

What are we looking for?

Desirable skills  and experience could include any of the following: financial management, fundraising research/bid writing, governance, general management, HR, and mentoring/coaching.  We would not expect you to have all these skills but good communication and cooperation with others in the organisation are essential.  Experience of trusteeship in the charity sector is also vital. Knowledge of the issues facing refugees and asylum seekers, and the organisations that support them, would be useful. Although we ourselves do not provide social and welfare advice on matters such as housing, benefits, legal advice services and health we can signpost people to local services which do.   

What difference will you make?

As part of our board you will support and shape our work and strategic direction, as well as help us achieve our purpose to aid the integration of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants into the local community through the medium of free weekly music sessions in a relaxed welcoming environment which encourages socialisation and helps feelings of well-being. 

Being a trustee is a vital role, helping ensure we can continue our support for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants many of whom have endured horrific experiences and significant hardship in their country of origin. As a trustee, you will have a real opportunity to offer your unique skill set to help the ongoing development of the charity while also becoming part of a lively multicultural group of people using the common language of music to form friendships and support networks.

Before you apply

"Please apply through Reach in the first instance and please contact us via Reach with any questions

  • Arts
  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Refugees / migrants
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    Our beneficiaries are refugees, asylum seekers and migrants. We aim to help them integrate into the local community and this is very important as many of them have been forced to leave their...