Treasurer/Company Secretary

Treasurer/Company Secretary

At a glance


  • Accountancy
  • Accountancy (part qualified)
  • Auditing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial management
  • Fundraising events
  • Fundraising strategy


London, EC1R 0HB
Mainly at home
Travel limit? Access to Central London is important for Board meetings. 15 miles radius. Zone 6


Mostly outside office hours Estimate of time needed:
0-5 hours / month
FHALMA Trustees meet as a Board four times per year in central London, and are encouraged to take an active role in our subgroups or task forces.


31 Oct 2019

With education, activism, anti-racism and social justice at our roots, we wish to recruit an inspiring individual with financial skills in support our vision: to promote the benefits of the heritage of the African Caribbean diaspora.

What will you be doing?

We are looking for an individual with good accountancy and financial management skills, who can take on the role of the charity's Treasurer. They will help the team to work on improving financial planning and systems. They will manage Charities Commission reporting, compliance and provide oversight against forecasts and budgets. They will mentor a volunteer bookkeeper to take responsibility for day-to-day accounting. They will possess chartered accountancy qualifications.

What are we looking for?

Specifically, we are looking for the following qualities and experience:


  • An understanding of, a commitment to, and an enthusiasm for the Huntley collections, its purpose and its work
  • Objectivity, fairness, independence of mind, integrity, wisdom, discretion and good judgement
  • A commitment to act solely in the best interests of the Huntley collections, and of the wider public, without regard to personal interest or benefit
  • Strategic vision and the ability to focus on practical issues
  • Readiness to take, and be accountable for decisions
  • Lively awareness of how the world is changing politically, economically and socially
  • The necessary time to be an effective trustee
  • A good team player
  • Able to take on an ambassadorial role for the Huntley Archives
  • No significant or potential conflicts of interest.

Knowledge and skills

The Board as a whole should encompass knowledge of the following areas:


  • Knowledge and understanding of the work and needs of the sector, where the African Caribbean heritage sector covers a range of areas (archives, publishing, community activism, schools and higher education, libraries, museums, galleries)
  • Knowledge of professional issues currently facing the sector, from funding and regulation through to education, access, and volunteering.
  • Appreciation of the role of external engagement in public affairs and advocacy, including direct work with government and politicians at national and local levels, working with the media, and working with other organisations that share our vision and values.
  • Awareness and experience of leadership and management issues within a sector (such as African Caribbean heritage), especially how they relate to the work of independent charities with a focus on governance, financial management, human resources and fundraising.
  • We are keen to hear from Trustees who have ideas about promoting greater resilience for the charity, and developing new income streams

What difference will you make?

We believe that your strong leadership skills, professional expertise, and your ability to bring in financial and other resources, means that you will be part of an important step change process that will help us deliver the charity’s remit. As a Trustee with strong financial planning and practical skills, we need your support to ensure that FHALMA has a clear vision and strategy; therefore we are looking for your skills to help strengthen and underpin our voluntary structure.

  • Shape strategy
  • Inspire effective advocacy
  • Improve FHALMA’s performance
  • Ensure impact and accountability


We are a small team and so far we have a very good track record in delivering art and archive projects. We are keen to boost our connections across generations. (Specifically annual Huntley conferences, symposia, schools workshops, plus a ground-breaking exhibition: ). Our legacy means that we attract people from a range of backgrounds, but all who have a shared interest and value the contribution to current social, education, environmental improvements that Eric and Jessica Huntley have made across ALL communities, not only the African Caribbean Diaspora.

What's in it for the volunteer?

If you are keen to support the contributions of Black culture to society at large - you will enjoy working with us. Some of us are descendants from the “Windrush Generation”. Knowing that our archives have inspirational and positive stories, role models and evidentiary documents to inform, influence and encourage educational attainment in young people, is a privilege to uncover. Together, we can make a huge difference to improve the national dialogue: work across other sectors in delivering partnership projects, to reach intergenerational audiences;  sharpen or learn new skills, make and build new relationships via our respective networks.

A few more details

Ideally, all successful candidates will have a broad knowledge and understanding of the charity sector and current issues affecting it. They will possess strong leadership skills, professional expertise, and the ability to bring in financial and other resources to help deliver the charity’s remit.

Opportunities may exist for a Trustee to bring one of their own mentees to shadow them at one of the sub-committee meetings; Transformation Group: Business Planning; Fundraising; Marketing; Event Planning.

Before you apply

We are seeking to recruit up to five experienced individuals to take up Trustee positions at the charity, not just this post. We wish to see a mix of skills, experience and backgrounds on the Board. Specifically, we are looking for the qualities and experience mentioned here; however we also know that people have a range of other skills, so please look out for the other posts we have available, also on Reach. You may find a better fit for another Trustee role.
  • Arts
  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Education
  • Museums / heritage
  • Friends of the Huntley Archives at LMA (FHALMA) is a charitable foundation, run entirely by volunteers. The not-for-profit organisation was founded in 2013 with the aim of promoting the heritage...