Treasurer of Rainbow Pre-School Management Committee

Treasurer of Rainbow Pre-School Management Committee

At a glance


  • Accountancy / Auditing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial management
  • Governance
  • General / operations management
  • HR


Crawley, RH10 6DG
Mainly at home
Travel limit? 20


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
0-5 hours / month
Ideally you will attend a committee meeting every 6-8 weeks and keep in touch with the Book-keeper via email or telephone on an ad-hoc basis.


30 Nov 2020

An exciting and fun opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and enhance your CV, as well as putting something positive back into your local community. 

What will you be doing?

We are looking for a Treasurer to join our Committee of volunteers.

You will work closely with our book-keeper and your responsibilities will include:

  • Updating the committee on the financial position of the charity, providing an up-to date written statement of accounts at committee meetings (supplied by the book-keeper).
  • Ensures that the committee apply the charity’s resources exclusively in pursuance of its charitable objectives.
  • Presents accounts to the members at the AGM.
  • Authorises payments and expenses.
  • Make key financial decisions with the committee on issues such as pay rises.
  • Prepares with the book-keeper an annual budget, as agreed by the committee, and monitors it regularly.
  • Ensures that the charity’s financial records are maintained accurately and updated on a timely basis.
  • Arranges for the accounts to be checked annually and independently.


What are we looking for?

Previous experience in a similar role or accounting experience is ideal.


What difference will you make?

We are a registered charity Playgroup and HAVE to be run by an elected Committee of volunteers, mostly made up of parents/carers, family members of children attending our Pre-Schools. The Committee work in tandem with the Pre-School staff to ensure the smooth running of our Pre-School playgroups.

In recent years, we have seen a decline in the number of parents volunteering to be on the Committee, and are now seeking help from outside. Without the Committee the Pre-School would not be able to operate and would have to close.

Each volunteer member of the Committee will bring different skills which are invaluable to the running of our Pre-Schools. Committee members have worked, or do work, in various industries, however it is important to know that to be a committee member you do not need any direct experience to make a difference.


What's in it for the volunteer?

You will personally benefit from this experience by meeting new people, updating existing skills and learning new ones, as well as putting something positive back into your local community. There are also long-term benefits should you choose to undertake further training or decide to return to full-time, paid work in the future.

Before you apply

All of the committee/volunteers will have to have a DBS check and register with Ofsted
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