Strategy and Improvement Director

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Organisation: The Transforming Autism Project

Location Hounslow, London (West), TW13 5AN
Where the role is based Mainly at home
Travel limit N/A
Opportunity type Ongoing role
Reference number J56198

Opportunity description

A key leadership role in our charity which will be critical in shaping our continual improvement and strategic success.

The role

We are a new and ambitious charity, determined to transform perceptions of autism, and to make it possible for those with the condition to live to their true and impressive potential.  Our initial focus is on early intervention, and part of our work will be to open a specialised early intervention clinic in 2019.  For more about us - including a TED talk on our approach given by our CEO a few months ago - please visit our profile by clicking on our name in the title section of this ad or our website.  There is also a more detailed introduction to what we are planning to achieve and the values and principles that guide us in the attachment below.

The key components of the role are as follows (not all of them may be possible while this is still a volunteer position - to be discussed with each candidate depending on their strengths & availability)

   1 - To ensure the charity is always functioning optimally by identifying and calling out any activity at which we could be doing better, and to proposing alternatives.

   2 - To facilitate constant improvement by creating a vision and working collaboratively with the appropriate teams to devise roadmaps to get there, overseeing and supporting their progress to ensure success.

   3 - To provide support and direction to team leads and others on the best ways to support their teams and the charity.

   4 – To identify gaps in our capabilities and to optimise our existing resources to fill those gaps to the maximum extent possible.

   5 – To bring radical thinking to continuously improve and, where necessary, transform the charity’s structure and actions.

   6 – To drive and guide the strategic direction and planning of the charity, in close collaboration with the CEO.  

   7 – To monitor relationships between various team members, especially in senior roles, and to facilitate improvement where necessary.

   8 – To track actions deriving from minutes and following up to ensure they are being fulfilled.

   9 - To identify, initiate and where necessary lead projects necessary to be undertaken to improve any area of the charity’s performance.

   10 – To co-ordinate meeting content for the senior team.

Required skills

  • Business advice / analysis
  • Change management
  • Strategic development and planning
  • Strategic mentoring

Person description

Background is not important, except in that you will be able to demonstrate capability to perform the role as described above.  You will also be deeply passionate about our purpose as a charity and the values/culture that will guide us.

What impact the opportunity will have

Opening our new clinic, as well as all our other activities, will have a significant and positive impact on children with autism, so we anticipate that many lives will be transformed. This role is key to ensuring we get this achieved in the most effective and successful way.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

A sense of meaningful purpose as we see more and more real revolutionary changes in the lives of millions of people, and as we begin to directly deliver transformation to those families who visit our clinic.

The experience of being a central part of a contented, enthused, nurtured and dynamic workforce of volunteers and employees, which will have been facilitated by your contribution.

Time commitment

Either in or out of office hours

Probably around 1.5 - 2 days/week, depending on availability/speed of work. Flexible across week. To be discussed as part of the onboarding process.

Other details

Additional application instructions