RIF Prospect Research Handbook Project Content Creator

RIF Prospect Research Handbook Project Content Creator

Short term project
At a glance


  • Copywriting / Journalism
  • Fundraising research / Bid writing
  • Training


Remote - homebased role, SW1H 9DJ
Remote opportunity
Travel limit? No travel involved, volunteering is all remote and runs within the UK time zone


Mostly during office hours Estimate of time needed:
0-5 hours / month, 1-3 hours / week or 3-7 hours / week
Regularly meetings last 1 hour and are held fortnightly. Additional work takes place in your own time. A typical chapter takes 3-9 months to complete.

Help us create a Handbook for the prospect research community that will provide a comprehensive, up-to-date, and relevant guide to the diverse range of skills and knowledge required for successful, professional and ethical prospect research.

What will you be doing?

The RiF Prospect Research Handbook is an e-publication being written by prospect researchers for prospect researchers and we are looking for more experienced prospect research practitioners to join our team to help create content on a wide range on research topics.

Teams of volunteers collaborate to design and co-produce Handbook content that enhances researchers knowledge, understanding, and confidence to carry out their roles as effectively as possible and maximise the benefits their research brings to their organisation's fundraising.

The Handbook work is all carried out remotely using MS Teams as our shared workspace and Zoom for fortnightly team meetings. We have an international volunteer team and are happy to welcome researchers from any country.

If you are experienced and knowledgeable in one or more of the following areas of prospect research and can spare at least 4-6 hours a month, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Prospect Research
  • Reporting & Data Visualisation (Inc. The Function of Reporting and Data Visualization and Using Analysis to Provide Insight)
  • Programming, Analytics and Databases (Inc. RStudio/Python)
  • Best Practice/Gold Standard in Pipeline Management
  • Effective Procurement for Tech and Training
  • Benchmarking – Cross-Checking Own Against Other Organization’s Practices
  • Scaling: Process/Templates/Examples of Different Models [One-Person Shop/Big Teams]
  • Strategic Leadership of Operations/Research Functions (Inc. Managing and Making the Case for Budgets and Resources)
  • People Management (Including Recruitment, Managing Teams, Intelligent KPIs, Performance Management)
  • Innovative Approaches to Prospecting/Getting Away from the Desk
  • Recruitment for Prospect Research
  • Starting a Prospect Research Function from Scratch

What are we looking for?

In addition to having experience in the prospect research role, volunteers will ideally have or be willing to gain the following:


  • Presenting complex information in a simple, concise way
  • Working collaboratively to produce documents
  • Remote working including attending video meetings
  • Writing using a style guide

Skills and talents

  • Capable user of Microsoft Teams
  • Able to use Microsoft Word
  • Good at helping other people to learn and take on board new information
  • Can successfully work as part of a team
  • Capable of editing your own work to a high standard
  • Good grasp of the English language in written format

Resources / equipment you will need to participate

  • Internet access
  • Laptop / desktop or other device that can run Zoom and Microsoft programmes

What difference will you make?

The Handbook will benefit individual prospect researchers and the organisations they work for both now and in the future.

The Handbook will empower researchers to take control of their personal and professional development, know their worth, and see how they can add value, visualising a clearer career path.

Researchers will benefit through:

  • Enhancing their understanding of the role of ethics in prospect research and the practical implications of ethical good practice
  • Increasing their knowledge of the data skills and technical skills essential to the role of prospect researcher and ability to implement them
  • Developing their awareness of career pathways in prospect research and the professional standards associated with good practice as individuals and as team members

Through an improvement in practitioner skills and knowledge, the Handbook can support researchers to secure additional funds for the good causes they work on behalf of. RiF supports researchers in a broad range of organisations including local, national and international charities, and educational institutions.

We also hope the Handbook will open up the conversation about the skills and value that prospect research and prospect development bring to the causes they support bring better recognition of and appreciate for the role.

What's in it for the volunteer?

What existing volunteers say:

"I've learnt a lot about writing collaboratively, editing, project management, how to work Teams and Zoom, and about Prospect Research itself. It's also given me something worthwhile to put on my cv, and enabled me to connect with other researchers."

"Satisfaction from contributing to something of value, building relationships, learning deeply through the process of presenting key aspects of the profession."

"Has been interesting discussing these areas of work with other members of the prospect research community. Creating the content has been enjoyable. It is rewarding to feel like you are a part of something bigger."

Before you apply

Applications are welcome at any time, we then let volunteers know when we are starting work on a chapter that they have expressed an interest in creating content for as we need a sufficient number of volunteers for each chapter.

  • Training / employment support
  • Voluntary sector support
  • We are a volunteer committee of professional prospect researchers representing charities, educational institutions, and fundraising and research consultancies from across the UK.