Project researcher for pioneering programme

Project researcher for pioneering programme

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Hampton Court Palace, KT8 9AU
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1-15 hours
This is flexible but we .envisage it being a short-term project


04 Mar 2024

We are seeking someone who can undertake a short-term project exploring the impact of biodiversity loss and nature-based solutions to help shape a partnership programme we are developing. 

What will you be doing?

This initiative aims to produce a comprehensive analysis of the main issues affecting biodiversity, explore their impact on human populations, and identify nature-based solutions to address these challenges. This is a crucial role in synthesising information, fostering understanding, and contributing to the conservation discourse.

The RSN is launching a unique project to work across the UK and globally. Working with a wide range of partners, we are seeking to re-imagine the future role and scope of hand-embroidery. Together, sharing resources, expertise and vision we will engage, educate and support under-represented and marginalised individuals and communities in order to stimulate positive outcomes. This will allow us to forge important collaborations, particularly with non-profit organisations, educators, museums and galleries, industry, companies and creative practitioners. 

Our three programme pillars will: 

Promote well-being by supporting mental health; purpose and independence through social and economic impact; preserve and Create heritage by using traditional techniques to explore and inspire new skills. We will do this by championing sustainability by developing and creating awareness about environmentally friendly techniques and materials through the medium of embroidery.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone with strong research and analytical skills, a passion for environmental conservation and biodiversity and the ability to translate this into a comprehensive report summarising key issues, an assessment of the impacts, compilation of solutions and recommendations for integrating these into conservation efforts.

What difference will you make?

This is a vital role which will provide an essential foundation for evaluating partnership potential and ensuring that the programme is developed to achieve maximum impact through an effective mandate and narrative.

We are looking for someone who is able to demonstrate a sound understanding of issues relating to biodiversity and climate change policy and research and who is able to work with us to develop a compelling case for support. You will be helping in the development of a ground-breaking programme which aims to stimulate a thought-provoking narrative about key biodiversity challenges, above all to effectively communicate important messages through the impact of embroidery imagery and help influence behaviour.

Our collaborations will help inform, educate, and suggest solutions through the enriching medium of embroidery. 

Embroiderers have long looked to the natural world for inspiration and resources to practice their stitching; using particular plants or animals in pieces of work provided symbolism while, the appearance of specific species and materials has helped document the extent to which people travelled and explored the world. The partnership of embroidery and the natural world it is an obvious step for us to take Biodiversity as a call to action AND to look to nature for help.

Before you apply

Please apply via the Reach platform.

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    The RSN’s mission is to preserve the heritage and lead the future development of hand embroidery enriching lives by inspiring, teaching and innovating to provide the widest access to our knowledge...