Project Advisor/Manager - Help with Laravel-based site

Project Advisor/Manager - Help with Laravel-based site

Short term project
At a glance


  • Project management / Product owner
  • Software and web development


London, SW6 1HH
Remote opportunity


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
1-15 hours or 15-90 hours
Estimate 30 hours to accomplish the work? (apologies, I am not a developer and can't answer that) - No particular days (open to discussion)


05 Aug 2024

Visitors from Fifth Day

Welcome to Reach Volunteering. We are a community and registered charity that connects people, skills and good causes.

To apply for this role, and any other on our platform, you need to be based in the UK, have at least three years of experience using the skills you wish to volunteer in a professional capacity or have lived experience (for trustee roles). Read more about our criteria.

This is the opportunity to work with and help improve a system that currently serves many people. Its goal is to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved during a medical emergency.

What will you be doing?

We want someone who will not only make certain textual changes on the site but also help us test it, iron out potential bugs that pop up, and make sure it works properly cross-browser.The role is open to discussion, as we are not developers, so someone with the right skill set would help and advise us on the best way to proceed.We do currently have a developer who is looking at the site, and you would not only be working alongside, him but also dealing with some parts of the project on your own - (depending on how you work)

What are we looking for?


  • Develop and maintain web applications using Laravel. 
  • Enhance user interfaces with responsive design via Tailwind CSS. 
  • Collaborate using Git for version control. 
  • Understand integrated payment solutions such as Stripe. 

Skills Required: 

  • Proficiency in Laravel, Tailwind CSS, Git, JavaScript, and Stripe. 
  • Passion for community health and ethical tech development. 
  • Excellent communication skills for effective virtual collaboration.

What difference will you make?

Your impact on this project will help ensure that many people have peace of mind should a medical emergency occur.To summarise, many people are afraid of going to hospital under the current climate, and we have come across quite a few families that have told us that they have seen DNRs (Do Not Resuscitate)  notices placed on their parents/loved ones, which is quite upsetting when they find out. Our system helps form a legally binding document where a hospital can not do this without first notifying the family.

Before you apply

Please include a cover letter explaining your interest in this role and outlining your relevant experience. Interviews will be conducted via informal Zoom chat with the team.

  • Human rights
  • Organisation type: 
    Small or unincorporated organisation

    It helps any adult with mental capacity who is concerned about protecting their medical autonomy and upholding their emergency healthcare choices.It matters as the service helps prevent potential...