Programme Leader for 2021 National Hygiene Week

Programme Leader for 2021 National Hygiene Week

Short term project
At a glance


  • Business development / Sales
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Public speaking
  • Strategic development and planning
  • Project / programme management
  • Volunteer management
  • Event management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Public relations
  • Social media marketing


Sevenoaks, TN15 0HZ
Remote opportunity
Travel limit? 50


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
Over 7 hours / week, short term project: 1-15 hours, completed within 4 months or short term project: 15-90 hours, completed within 4 months

We are looking for an experienced person to lead the charity’s National Hygiene Week 2021.

Having held its first NHW in 2020, we want a person with experience and gravitas to produce another successful event in 2021.

What will you be doing?

Following on from the success of the charity's 2020 National Hygiene Week, we need a leader to produce and deliver a success event for 2021. Key duties include:

  • Establishes short and long-term program objectives and ensures team members meet them.
  • Recruits, hires, and trains team members.
  • Develops regular budgets and schedules to support the programme's implementation.
  • Develops funding plans to ensure the programme's ongoing delivery and success.
  • Creates and implements guidelines for evaluating the programme's strengths and areas where improvement is required.
  • Assigns tasks to team members to ensure project objectives are completed as required.
  • Communicates expectations to team members.
  • Counsels and disciplines team members who do not perform to expectations or who violate the charity’s policies.
  • Appraises team members' performances and offer feedback to employees and, when appropriate, to managers.
  • Resolves problems with programme as they arise.
  • Monitors programme's progress and reports this in regular meetings with the CEO and the charity’s trustees.

What are we looking for?

  • Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills
  • Works as Part of a Team
  • Attention to Detail
  • Superior Organisational Skills
  • Strategic Planning
  • Analysis Skills
  • Knowledge of Human Resources Practices
  • Leadership
  • People Person
  • Financial Literacy
  • Multi-Tasker, Creativity
  • Knowledge of Office Software
  • Works Well to Deadlines and Under Pressure
  • Programme Management Skills
  • Experience in event organising

What difference will you make?

We want to raise awareness of the issue of hygiene poverty.

By delivering a successful National Hygiene Week for 2021, the programme leader will have enabled the charity to create new conversations on the issue of hygiene poverty, worked in collaboration with other organisations to seek solutions to give people access to basic hygiene essentials, as well as raising vital funds for the charity.

What's in it for the volunteer?

In delivering a successful National Hygiene Week for 2021, you will have created a new conversations around hygiene poverty, and will help in the charity's mission to give everyone access to basic hygiene essentials. 

  • Poverty relief
  • Galvanised by the belief that everyone deserves to feel clean, The Hygiene Bank is a registered, grassroots charity grounded in community. We collect and re-distribute donated toiletries, hygiene...