PEOPLE FOCUSSED PROJECT MANAGER/PRODUCER sought for BBC/Channel 4 backed world class expert led education project

PEOPLE FOCUSSED PROJECT MANAGER/PRODUCER sought for BBC/Channel 4 backed world class expert led education project

Short term project
At a glance


  • Film / video production
  • Photography
  • Strategic development and planning
  • General / operations management
  • HR
  • Project / programme management
  • Volunteer management


National - but with south east and London and home counties focus, W1A 1AA
Mainly at home, or remote opportunity.
Travel limit? Realistically we think travel of greater than 40 miles from London is unreasonable


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
0-5 hours / month, 0-3 hours / week, 3-7 hours / week or short term project: 1-15 hours, completed within 4 months
We're totally flexible about how much or how little you can help. Much (but not all!) of the filming will be weekdays. Drivers especially welcome!!

Looking for a passionate, people focussed reliable video/film PRODUCER / PROJECT MANAGER keen to manage film & digital staff  of admired experts for a film & TV education project. Is that you?

What will you be doing?

Ideal Candidate: Someone highly proficient, highly reliable and ideally passionate about the film industry OR education for the under represented or marginalised new young creatives in the UK - who wants to make a differences for tens of thousands of young learners in the UK. You can be based anywhere (we work and film mostly in London and the home counties where our film and TV professionals are) You will be an ambassador for our project when talking to the film industry.

IDEALLY you will have TV producing experience and know something about the  the filming and planning that goes into a TV interview HOWEVER it is not essential. What IS ESSENTIAL is that your are RELIABLE, DEADLINE DRIVEN, able to charm our partners and volunteer experts and venues - to bring the two together to ensure everything needed for a shoot goes off smoothly, safely and professionally . ATTENTION TO DETAIL is critical. Self organisation with time management and calendar skills essential.

Suitable Candidate: If you have worked in videography and recording sound for interviews thats PERFECT.  But crucially you should be insanely organised, 110% reliable  - we'll check references (as we simply cant afford to  have staff and equipment not show up for interviews with industry experts!) and have access to your own transport (car / van etc) All costs will be paid for.

Ideally much of the projects you will co-ordinate will take place during the working week, and in or near London - but we can try to work around your hours as much as possible as the planning and paperwork can happen any time - but calls - checking and supervision will be needed on the day - even if youre doing this remotely - as we expect. .Your help will ensure we get the right people to the right places and will be asked to manage and screen volunteers for skills and personality  and competence (We'll help you here too). If you're not good at planning, timekeeping and punctuality, this role is not for you, as the interviews often take time, patience and CHARM and persuasiveness to set up and it is vital that we are respectful of interviewees time they are offering.


What are we looking for?

Essential skills: HD camera operation, sharp focus, an understanding of different shots needed for interviews (eg the BBC Five shot rule), understanding of eyelines, and rule of thirds etc - the usual sort of thing. Great with putting people at ease and technically competent and effective at ensuring high quality voice recordings as part of the video.

Ideal skills: Ideally we would like you to be experienced with interview lighting - and in particular three of four point lighting so that the images have depth, interest and suitable for the interview.

When getting in touch it would really help us if you could include just a few links to any interviews or clips you have recorded the sound and video for, (and let is know if you did the lighting too!)

What difference will you make?

Our project is an entirely non profit learning resource in film and TV aimed at better supporting the UK's 200,000 14-20s currently studying film and media in the UK. FIlm and Media is now the second most employable degree subject according to Management Today, and there is currently a major skills shortage in this area. It is also now the number one after school club activity for teenagers.

What's in it for the volunteer?

You will get to work with  some of the most respected and knowledgeable people in the industry. You'll put your talents to use in a way that helps create and extend learning resources that will be used for years to come in UK schools and clubs for approximately 40,000 young people every year. Above all else you will use your creative talents to make a real difference to young peoples lives.

Before you apply

Please understand that whilst some training will be provided (for example we can send production experts with you to work with) ideally we are looking for reliability and punctuality - and individuals who can work effectively on location or remotely without major supervision and to work smoothly and professionally with the experts giving up their time to be interviewed.
  • Arts
  • Education
  • Training / employment support
  • Young people
  • Welcome to the fastest growing schools subject for 14-18s. Degree entrants have tripled and 2/3rds of under 11s "do film" in after schools clubs.  
    Video and film skills really...