Older peoples Charity Trustee with Experience in Fund Raising

Older peoples Charity Trustee with Experience in Fund Raising

At a glance


  • Accountancy / Auditing
  • Financial management
  • Commissioning / Contracting
  • Fundraising events
  • Fundraising research / Bid writing
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Strategic development and planning


Windsor, SL4 4EB
Mainly at home
Travel limit? Ideally not more than 15 miles from the Windsor


Mostly outside office hours Estimate of time needed:
0-5 hours / month
The trustees meet 10 times a year with meetings lasting approx. 2 hours. Some preparation work is required

We are a local older peoples charity based in the Dedworth area of Windsor that provide services to the local community, helping older people and their carers to enjoy life as much as they can.

What will you be doing?

To support in formulating and regularly reviewing the strategic aims of Age Concern Windsor (hereafter ACW), with a particular emphasis on provision of unrestricted funds for organisation to fulfil ACW aims and objectives

With other Trustees, to ensure that ACW functions within the legal and financial requirements of a charitable incorporated organisation, and strives to achieve best practice.

With other Trustees, to promote the objectives of Age Concern Windsor

Formulating strategic aims

To contribute specific skills, interests and contacts, particularly with regard to the generation of funds. To use an understanding of such to better inform the Board and assist the organisation in generation of funds for it’s current and new projects.

To consider ACW as a whole and how it services its customers.

To engage in regular review of organisational structure, functions and service delivery.

In association with the Chair and Chief Officer, to communicate the strategic vision to, volunteers, employees and other organisations.

Ensuring policies and practices are in keeping with its aims

With other Trustees and the Chief Officer, to participate in regular review of organisational policies and practice.

To work within ACW’s policies and procedures at all times.

Ensuring best practice

To attend meetings and be an active member of the Board of Trustees in exercising its responsibilities and functions.

To scrutinise the actions of the Chief Officer, other employees, volunteers and the Board itself, and be prepared to express opinions based on that scrutiny.

To ensure that the Board reviews its structure, role and relationship to employees and volunteers and implements agreed changes on a regular basis.

To maintain the confidentiality of personnel, policy, financial and contractual issues.

With the Chief Officer, to ensure that all Trustees receive appropriate advice, support, training and information relating to their role.

Promoting the objectives of the organisation

To work to further ACW’s interests, especially when in contact with other organisations. To declare any conflicts of interest.

As appropriate and in consultation with the Chair and Chief Officer, to serve as a spokesperson for ACW.

What are we looking for?

We a looking of someone with at least 10 years’ experience of generating funds or managing the generation of funds for charitable organisations. We would favour someone who has experience with generating funds for projects involving older people.

We are looking for someone who can help build up the fund raising abilities of the organisation to enable us to move forward with new projects.

We are looking for someone with a good understanding of the local area, businesses and the opportunities within it for fund raising.

What difference will you make?

Many people still do not realise that we are a local independent charity and not part of Age UK or are governed by a National organisation. Everything we are doing will directly affect the community in which we are based and as such we wish to provide services of a high quality for them. Improved generation of funding will allow us to do more for them and bring more of the things that they are currently unable to do to them.

The people we help are vulnerable and often need help with daily tasks as well as help to get out and about. Their lives may have very little human contact and our aim is to help make life that bit happier and more fulfilling for them, through provision of services that help them gain more independence, human contact, exercise, activity and stimulation.

What's in it for the volunteer?

This is real opportunity to make a difference to the lives of older people and their carers in and around Windsor. Being a trustee is an important role but you won’t be alone. You will join a small friendly and professional team comprising a small number of paid staff and a growing number of volunteers who give up their time to help the local older population and their carers.

We are wishing to expand our board skills and diversity and welcome candidates from all backgrounds with the aim of our board matching the local community it represents.

A few more details

Recruitment and meetings are currently done virtually however once back to normal we will be returning to meeting in person.

Before you apply

If you are interested in this voluntary role, then we would set up a meeting between you and the Chief Officer to discuss your interest and what skills you would be able to bring to Age Concern Windsor and how we can assist you in that. If there is mutual interest, an informal interview with the Chair and Chief Officer will follow, and if successful, a recommendation for co-option and eventual election can follow
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