Non-Executive Directors (throughout England and in Scotland)

Non-Executive Directors (throughout England and in Scotland)

At a glance


  • Governance
  • Strategic development and planning
  • Strategic mentoring / coaching
  • Business advice / analysis


London, WC1A 1AA
Mainly at home, or mainly at the office.
Travel limit? UK-wide- No travel limit


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
0-5 hours / month
Board days take place every two months. In addition to these 6 days, a further commitment of 2 days is required each year for the away day and AGM.

Supporting people with a learning disability.  We believe that people with a learning disability can be leaders in society. Do you?  Non-Executive Directors (Expenses paid).  Time Commitment: up to 8 days per year.

What will you be doing?

Thera is a unique Group of Companies, led by a registered charity, Thera Trust.  Established in 1998, we started by supporting 5 people; today we support over 2,000 people through 18 subsidiary companies.  With a turnover of over £65m and over 3,000 very committed staff, we have financial and reputational strength.  We support people with a range of highly complex needs.  The people we support keep us inspired and keep us grounded.

Our Vision

  • Thera will show that people with a learning disability can be leaders in society
  • Thera will be controlled by people with a learning disability
  • People with a learning disability will be involved in the direction and management of the organisation
  • People with a learning disability will design the support they want from Thera
  • Thera will respect the rights and wishes of people at home, at work and in the community
  • People with a learning disability will check the quality of support people receive from their Thera company
  • Thera will be led by a charity


Thera Trust is an equal opportunities employer.


What are we looking for?

You must believe in our vision and want to make a difference with both your heart and your head.  You may well have a background in:

  • A public, third sector or business organisation at a high level

You may also be someone who has a learning disability and wants to share your experience to develop the organisation. 

Board or committee experience is desirable, evidence of effectiveness in your chosen field or interest is essential.

We need people who will strengthen our values and vision whilst at the same time bringing the skills that will be needed to succeed in our market place.  We wish to maintain a drive to be effective and efficient but never for personal or monetary gain – simply to offer more opportunities to more people with a learning disability.


What difference will you make?

We are looking for people who can represent the interests of the local areas within which we work.  We are further developing our boards to ensure that we have people with a range of backgrounds and interests that will ensure a broad skill mix to both challenge and support the executive team and enable excellent strategic planning and monitoring of the company's performance.

What's in it for the volunteer?

An opportunity to bring your skills and experience to make a difference in the lives of people with a learning disability.  You will have a comprehensive induction to the role of the director and the way in which Thera works.  You will take part in other board development opportunities and have what we believe will be a unique board experience.

A few more details

Please note this role is not London-based.  We are looking to recruit a number of Non-Executive Directors across England and in Scotland.   You will potentially be matched with the subsidiary company within the Group which is closest to you geographically.

When applying, please provide some information on what particularly attracted you to the Thera Group.

  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Social care
  • Thera supports adults with a learning disability at home, in their local community and for short breaks.  Thera's vision explains what the objectives are which run through our organisation:...