Honarary Treasurer and Trustee

Honarary Treasurer and Trustee

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Archway, N19 3EW
Mainly at home
Travel limit? Ideally the person should be able to travel to Archway in a reasonable time.


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
1-3 hours / week or 3-7 hours / week
The Board meets online every two months, on a Saturday afternoon. It would be helpful for the treasurer to call into the office occassionally.


28 Feb 2024

AGIP is seeking an honorary treasurer to join its Board of Trustees and provide finanical advice across all AGIP's activities including its low-fee psychotherapy clinic and its nationally recognised psychotherapy training.

What will you be doing?

AGIP is currently undergoing a process of renewal. The number of professional members (psychotherapists) has fallen by half over the last two decades and a new format of training has just started to reverse that trend. As most of the income derives from members' fees and from the clinical training, we are currently going through challenging financial times. In additional, the fall in number of members has meant that the number coming forward to voluntarily undertake important roles has fallen so we are having to recruit more paid staff, exacerbating the financial stress.

The low-fee psychotherapy clinic we run, staffed by trainees, now has no shortage of therapists. However, the general pressure on the NHS mental health services has resulted in a surge in people seeking therapy by who sadly are not always suited to what we offer. This has left some trainees waiting to be allocated suitable patients.

As all the other members of the Board (we call it Council) are psychotherapists, the treasurer brings very important financial and commercial experience to the business in hand. Many psychotherapists had careers prior to training as a therapist, but the vast majority come from the helping professions. This both raises the importance of the role of treasurer as well as making it clear that the treasurer must have a strong interest in, and be comfortable with, working in an organisation whose prime concerns are mental health (although we might describe them as 'emotional health').

We are therefore seeking someone with accountancy qualifications and experience of the application of these qualifications. We have an assistant treasurer, a psychotherapist, whose prime responsibility is the working of the low-fee clinic. She has done this for many years and so has plenty of experience.

As a trustee and honorary treasurer, this role is unpaid, however reasonable out-of-pocket expenses are, of course, covered.

What are we looking for?

We are seeking someone with accountancy qualifications and experience of the application of these qualifications. An interest in working in a mental health charity which runs a training in psychotherapy and a low fee clinic (mainly staffed by trainees) offering long-term intensive psychotherapy would be an advantage.

Prior experience of working in a charity would be helpful but it is not essential,and an understanding of working with volunteers would also be very helpful. Working with volunteers perhaps requires more patience than when working with paid staff.

We would expect that the treasurer would have at least three year's experience as an accountant although this position might appeal to someone who has recently retired from the profession and wishes to use their skills in a different context.

We are aware that we are a small charity so this post might suit someone who wishes to gain some experience before moving on to a larger and perhaps well known charity. Ideally we would like the treasurer to be on our Council for four years.

Finally, an area that AGIP has not explored for a long time is fund raising. This is not essential but a treasurer who had some experience of fund raising would be very welcomed.

What difference will you make?

The treasurer will play an important role in the regeneration and life of AGIP so that we can continue to meet our core goals of maintaining a lively and healthy clinical training, and of offering low-fee long-term psychotherapy to suitable patients. We want someone who can keep us on track financially and help us review our plans which we hope will sustain the future of AGIP. One of our objectives is to try to make the house we work in more user friendly: it is a large Victorian villa meaning that it is difficult to adapt for use by people with mobility difficulties and wheelchair users. However, a solution has to be found!

Before you apply

Please apply through Reach and contact us through Reach with any questions. If you decide to apply, we would like to know why you are interested in this role together with detials of relevant experience.

Initial (and informal) interviews will be on Zoom with several existing members of Council.

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