Google adWords Grant Management

Google adWords Grant Management

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  • Digital and IT strategy
  • Social media marketing


Ballater, Ab35 5UD
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0-5 hours / month
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25 Nov 2020

We have successfully applied for the Google AdWords grant but we are struggling to spend more than $100 of the Monthly $10,000. We are looking for someone to help us make this most of this opportunity! 

What will you be doing?

Children of Rwanda is a small, volunteer-run organisation that is having a big impact on children in Western Rwanda. This year, with a budget of only £15,500, we enable 262 children to return to their local schools and provided 1,218 people with life-saving health insurance. However, there are many more children in the region who are in need of this help, we just lack the funds to reach them. 

To reach more kids, we are trying to up our fundraising game here in the UK and a big part of that is taking the next step with our online-presence. However, we are missing some crucial expertise, especially for Google Ads as no matter how long we spend in front of it we can't seem to spend more than $100/month. We are hoping to find someone who can help us make the most of this opportunity! 

As well as help with our Google AdWords grant, we are also looking for help in: 

  • Managing our website (Webflow)
  • Maintaining and growing our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles 
  • Improving your ranking on Google (SEO)

What are we looking for?

It is crucial that you have expertise with using Google Ads, and some experience with SEO.

We are looking for someone who can work remotely and is keen to contribute to a good cause. 

We are here to give as much support as we can! 

What difference will you make?

For every £50 pounds we raise, we are able to send a child back to school and provide them and their entire family with basic health insurance. This is a key step in breaking the cycle of poverty, making sure kids can make the most of their universal right to an education and making sure that if they are sick they can see doctors and get medicine. 

Helping Children of Rwanda improve our online presence will help us fundraise and directly contribute to the number of kids we are able to register on the programme. So your contribution will tangibly result in more children being able to go to school.  

What's in it for the volunteer?

Children of Rwanda might be small, but there is enormous potential in the work we do and we are determined to keep growing and reaching more beneficiaries. As such, there are always opportunities for volunteers within the organisation, whether that is insight into other areas of work (project design, strategy, etc) or taking on more responsibility and ownership of the task you are working on. 

We are also open to any suggestions from volunteers, so if you know what you want out of a volunteering experience, please feel free to tell us and we will see what we can do!

Before you apply

  • Children / families
  • Education
  • International development
  • Poverty relief
  • Young people
  • Children of Rwanda is a young international development charity that helps impoverished children in Western Rwanda return to and benefit from their local education.