Fundraising for Hyperlocal Community Building

Fundraising for Hyperlocal Community Building

Ongoing role
At a glance


  • Fundraising strategy
  • Fundraising research / Bid writing


Hackney and Islington, N16 9PR
Remote opportunity
Travel limit? No travel involved.


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
0-3 hours / week or 3-7 hours / week
The time involved will vary somewhat depending on grant submission deadlines. We estimate it may range from 0 to 10 hours per week.

Our main aim is to build strong community in the area of Newington Green in order to relieve isolation,improve mental health, decrease crime, improve educational attainment, and dismantle racism and xenophobia in the area.

What will you be doing?

We are actively looking for someone who are skilled in Grant Fundraising to help this the Newington Green Alliance hyperlocal charity move to the next step in its growth. We have a large volunteer team (30+ volunteers), projects being delivered online and numerous projects in preparation. Fundraising is a key priority for NGA at this stage in our development.We have done a small amount of local fundraising and now need additional funding for staffing of core functions, specific programme costs (such as refurbishment of used laptops to be provided to community members in efforts to combat digital exclusion) and to cover the costs of basics such as insurance, printing, legal fees, bookkeeping, websites, DBA checks, training, and software. 

What are we looking for?

The volunteer should have experience and skills in the areas of fundraising strategy and grant-fundraising. They should be capable of working collaboratively in an online environment. Written and verbal communications skills and research skills are essential. 

What difference will you make?

Newington Green Alliance is a vital young organisation with more than 30 volunteers actively working to deliver and develop projects. While we have a volunteer who is willing to do some grant research and applications, she does not have either the specific experience or the capacity to manage this well on her own. 

An experienced and effective fundraising volunteer therefore will produce a step-change in the abilities of the charity to carry out any programmes, develop adequate core capabilities, and cover basic essential costs.

To put it simply, this position is crucial to maintain and expand the great work we are doing.

What's in it for the volunteer?

NGA has a wonderful, bright team of volunteers who are a pleasure to work with. Despite the need for social distancing, this large team is doing all it can to be a real team and a real community.

The aims of the charity are both immediately helpful to the Newington Green community and can serve as a proof of concept to other charities elsewhere. The volunteer would be enabling not just a single charity and community but a new way of working at the level of and with the power intrinsic to communities.

Before you apply

Please submit a cover letter and a CV.
  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Campaigning
  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence
  • Counselling / advice
  • Education
  • Financial inclusion
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Human rights
  • Local / community
  • Mental health
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Social care
  • Women
  • Young people
  • The aim of Newington Green Alliance (NGA) is to better the lives of everyone who lives or work s in and around Newington Green by building strong and sustaining community.

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