Director, Headquarters Coordination Division

Director, Headquarters Coordination Division

Ongoing role
At a glance


  • Fundraising strategy
  • Project / programme management
  • Advice / Advocacy
  • Mentoring / Coaching
  • Business development / Sales


London, EC1A 2BN
Remote opportunity
Travel limit? No.


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
3-7 hours / week
As we are working on a very flexible schedule, the time commitment will be around (3-7 hours/week), but that may vary from week to another.

The HCD Director provides advice,  coordination, management issues and interpretation of internal policies, guidance and tools and region-specific strategic priorities and related matters.

What will you be doing?

(A) Technical advice and support to RDs and IYFCTs:

  • In collaboration with the Executive Office and in consultation with the IYDG Chair provide advice, support and timely feedback to RAs/IYFCTs to drive IYF strategic priorities and region-specific strategic priorities.
  • Ensure follow-up and reporting to HQ on support and oversight provided by the HCD team to RAs/IYFCTs.
  • Identify, analyze and prioritize capacity needs for RAs/IYFCTs coordination support; channel appropriate requests for RAs support to Country Teams; keeping the HCD team informed of the collaboration with the Executive Office to address RAs/IYFCTs coordination issues.
  • Provide recommendations to the IYDG Chair on prioritization of requests from IYFCTs for allocations of resources, and upon review by IYDG Chair forwards recommendations to the Executive Board.
  • Identify regional resources and experts to provide direct technical assistance to IYFCTs; facilitate support to the IYFCTs in consultation with the Executive Office to ensure synchronization of such support.


(B) Advice and support to the IYDG Chair:

  • In consultation with the HCD team, provide advice and support to IYDG Chair in providing strategic leadership and guidance to the IYFCTs and RAs.
  • Identify high-impact opportunities and issues to engage senior IYF leaders in regional and country-specific issues, for consideration of the IYDG Chair; advise the Executive Office, as appropriate, for follow-up and engagement of senior IYF leaders.
  • Advise IYDG Chair regarding the results of monitoring and assessment of RDs/IYFCTs on achieving IYF strategic priorities and planned outcomes.


(C) Team management:

  • Coordinate the work of the HCD team to provide support to RAs/IYFCTs; and lead the development of the global coordination work plan, annual report; and monitor and report on implementation report on results, in consultation with the IYDG Chair or other designated official.
  • Advise on capacity needs of HCD team about providing greater support to the RAs and IYFCTs.
  • As appropriate, participate in relevant thematic meetings.


What are we looking for?


  • Highly interest in youth empowerment, youth issues.
  • Relevant experience in digital media/press or communications is required.


Skills Required for Position

  • Excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills.
  • Sincere commitment to work collaboratively with all constituent groups, including staff, members, volunteers and other supporters.
  • Ability to interact cordially and communicate with a diverse community.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.



Three-years of experience and results preferred at national level preferred in a management or coordination role, international relations, advocacy, development, youth issues, sport, women empowerment, youth-led organizations or another relevant field.



Fluency in English with superior drafting skills is essential.

What difference will you make?

The Director will contribute to programme development, strategic leadership, guidance, and support to the IYF Regional Administrations and to the IYF Country Teams to accelerate youth empowerment programmes.

What's in it for the volunteer?

  • Self-Satisfaction
  • Worldwide Friendship
  • Global Members’ Recognition
  • Community Participation
  • Leadership Development
  • Network
  • Improves Your Profile
  • Personal Development

Before you apply

Evaluation of qualified candidates may include an assessment exercise which may be followed by a competency-based interview.
  • Local / community
  • Training / employment support
  • Women
  • Young people

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