At a glance


  • Digital and IT strategy
  • Digital Trustees
  • Accountancy / Auditing
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Strategic development and planning
  • Legal
  • General / operations management
  • Marketing strategy


Scropton, DE65 5PL
Mainly at home
Travel limit? 20 miles


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
0-3 hours / week or 3-7 hours / week
A minimum of three to four days per quarter on RDA business, with the exception of the Treasurer role which is significantly more.


31 Mar 2021

Scropton Riding for the Disabled has been enriching lives with horses for over 50 years. We are 100% focused on providing opportunities for disabled people to improve their health and well-being through horse riding.

What will you be doing?

Role Purpose

The role of a Director at Scropton Riding for the Disabled Centre will require you to:

  • Work with fellow Directors to shape, drive and monitor the charity strategy
  • Prepare for and participate fully in board meetings
  • Promote the work of the charity externally
  • Act reasonably in decision-making and leadership of the organisation
  • Ensure the proper management and administration of the charity
  • Use any specific skills, knowledge or experience you have to help the board of Directors reach quick and sound decisions by leading discussions, focusing on key issues, providing advice and guidance on new initiatives, or on other issues where you have expertise
  • Participate in sub-committees
  • Select, manage and support the Senior Management
  • Manage risks with a considered, proportionate and balanced approach
  • Ensure that the charity’s values and the principles of RDA are upheld in the delivery of its objectives

Time commitment

Board meetings are usually held monthly, out of normal working hours. In addition, there may be sub-committees to attend where appropriate.  Papers for meetings are circulated five working days in advance.

Outside of board and committee meetings, Directors are asked to represent the Centre at events and champion the work of the Centre and RDA to their contacts and networks. In addition, staff sometimes consult with Directors on particular subjects and there are opportunities for Directors to attend project meetings and events.

Directors will spend a minimum of three to four days per quarter on RDA business, with the exception of the Treasurer role which is significantly more. There is also scope for additional hours supporting specific projects.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for 3 Directors



We are seeking a Director who:

  • Is committed to the organisation and has sufficient time and willingness to contribute effectively to board proceedings
  • Has an understanding of strategy development
  • Is able to work effectively as a member of a team
  • Is willing to speak up and can remain independent of any influence from another organisation or individual
  • Is able to make quick and sound decisions based on an analysis of information presented to them
  • Has a passion for the charitable sector and social change, and an understanding of theory of change
  • Can manage risks with a balanced and informed approach
  • Is committed to the principles of RDA


We are seeking a Director who:

  • Has an interest in or experience of activities covered by RDA
  • Has a reasonable level of understanding about the legal, financial, audit and regulatory requirements of a charity
  • Managing relationships between charitable and non-charitable organisations
  • Lives or works within the Centre’s catchment area
  • Has an understanding of disability related issues

Specific skills, experience or knowledge

We would like our new Directors to have strong skills, experience or knowledge of at least one of the following areas:

  • Accountancy
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Fundraising including grants
  • Operations
  • Volunteering
  • Equestrian
  • IT & Communications

What difference will you make?

We have been closed since March 2020 due to COVID restrictions, however, we are starting to make plans for re-opening in April 2021 and need to strengthen the board to support the task ahead of us.  We will have been closed for 12 months by the time we re-open, it has been a difficult time and has forced a lot of changes, but it has also given us the opportunity to assess and review what the charity does and where it's heading. 

We have plans to introduce Equine Facilitated Learning as a new opportunity for disabled and non disabled people alike.  As a ground-based therapy there aren’t as many social distancing limitations as for riding, meaning that many more participants will be able to get involved. The most exciting thing though is the mental health benefits that EFL brings. In the midst of this pandemic and as we move on from all the inherent lockdowns and limitations, there is more need than ever for support for mental health issues.

What's in it for the volunteer?

Being part of Scropton Riding for Disabled Centre is very rewarding, it has a small board of 3 Directors, a team of 4 employees (was 12 pre-COVID) and about 70 volunteers.  The Centre has a community feel about it, it's very friendly and informal. 

And if you spend half an hour on site, it is easy to see first hand the difference we make, for many of our riders it is the highlight of their week.

Before you apply

The application process will include an initial phone conversation followed by a more formal interview process.
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Local / community
  • Mental health
  • Physical disabilities
  • Sports
  • Scropton Riding for the Disabled is an equestrian centre with two arenas, between 25 and 30 resident horses, expert RDA and BHS qualified coaches, delivering over 8,500 riding lessons per year, 6...