Digital Transformation Lead Trustee

Digital Transformation Lead Trustee

At a glance


  • Digital and IT strategy
  • Digital Trustees
  • Network / system management
  • Web design (including UX/UI)
  • Data analysis


Mainly at home
Travel limit? 50 miles - it is helpful to meet together for team-building and strategic thinking


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
0-3 hours / week
You will be in charge of your own workload and we can fit around your availability, with the exception of Trustee meetings themselves


17 Dec 2021

ACT International trains people to treat children suffering from psychological trauma.  We need a Trustee with expertise to transform the way we work, update our processes and leverage technology to deliver our global mission.

What will you be doing?

The following may seem like a huge span of responsibility, but please bear in mind that we are an extremely small charity run entirely by volunteers with an income of £20,000 in 20/21.

In addition to playing a full role as trustee for our overall governance, we need you to advise the Board and support the development of our work as we transform the way we work and move our training increasingly online. Together we have to ensure that ACT International maintains safe, secure and GDPR-compliant records systems and an up to date digital profile.  We need help to oversee the management of ACT International’s office systems, in line with good practice and in accordance with the Trust Deed/Governing Document and all legal requirements.  We also need someone to monitor and update the website provide regular analytical reports to Trustee Meetings on activity and effectiveness.

Trustee meetings are held quarterly in various locations around London and the South East, and Trustees attend at least three per annum.  Recently, meetings have also been held via Zoom.

Key tasks

4.1      Specific to IT role

  1. To monitor and maintain the website and report regularly to Trustees with analytics
  2. To take overall responsibility for setting up and maintaining a secure shared record-keeping system and for GDPR compliance (NB personal data is held primarily in the form of training records but the vast majority relate to non-EU citizens)
  3. To provide support and advice on IT aspects of training projects
  4. To provide advice and support to ACT International Trustees and volunteers on their personal IT problems relating to the work of the charity

4.2      In common with all Trustees

  1.  To ensure that ACT International pursues its aims as defined in the Trust Deed/Governing Document.
  2.  To attend and contribute actively to Trustee Meetings by giving firm strategic direction and scrutiny of activity
  3. To safeguard the good name and values of ACT International.
  4.  To apply any specific skills, knowledge or experience to sound decision-making on behalf of ACT International.
  5.  Optional: to travel overseas to represent ACT International in order to assess training partners and monitor the quality of training provided.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for someone who not only has solid IT expertise, but also understands and share the values, aims and aspirations of the charity, and our approach of investing in the skills and capability of local communities to support their own recovery. You will also be willing to take corporate responsibility with other Trustees for ensuring the sustainability of our work and the strategic direction of the charity.  You will relate personally and feel committed to our aim of rebuilding the lives of children which have been shattered by conflict, violence and natural disasters, and want to use your skills to help them. Ideally you will be a 'jack of all trades' who is happy to get involved, time-permitting and as appropriate, in our day-to-day activity and relationships all over the world. Experience of living and working in a lower or middle income country will be an asset, as will an understanding or personal experience of mental health problems in children or adults.

What difference will you make?

Your key personal impact will be to enable us to upgrade the quality and reputation of our work through a professional, positive and active digital profile.  We also badly need a secure but accessible platform on which to keep and maintain our training online materials and records.  If we can adapt to being an effective online training provider then we can reach parts of the world to which we cannot travel.  For example, we have just completed a pilot for the training of child care workers in the Yemen.  The more we can do online, then the further we can stretch our funds and reduce the need for expensive and ecologically unfriendly air travel and the skills we teach will be used to benefit more children

Millions of children have lives shattered by conflict, violence and natural disasters. Many will go on to develop psychological trauma, forced to re-live the worst moments of their lives again and again and again. It makes a normal life impossible, and there is only very limited specialist help for the majority of them. Without help, today's damaged children may become tomorrow's damaged adults, creating fragile families and communities trapped into a cycle of suffering.

We can’t change what has happened to these children, but we can - and do - change what happens next. By healing young minds, the people trained by ACT International give them another chance at a normal life.

What's in it for the volunteer?

If you join our committed Board of Trustees, who all contribute their time and energy to our work, you will really feel that you are making a difference to children's lives in many countries across the world.  We directly employ NO staff but have an extensive network of wonderful volunteers who do the work and give their time for free.  We are in close touch with our beneficiaries and spend a minimal amount on overhead costs, so you will know that our supporters and funders are getting a tremendous return for their generous giving.

Before you apply

Please view our website with public video and Facebook page before applying: Then contact us for an informal chat should you have any queries or want an informal discussion about the role
  • Children / families
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Young people
  • Millions of children have lives shattered by conflict, violence and natural disasters. Many will go on to develop psychological trauma, forced to re-live the worst moments of their lives again and...