Digital /SEO expert to improve website rankings

Digital /SEO expert to improve website rankings

Short term project
At a glance


  • SEO and analytics
  • Web design (including UX/UI)


London, E10 6PG
Mainly at home, or remote opportunity.


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
1-15 hours or 15-90 hours
Totally flexible on availability - ideally like the website to be functioning properly in a couple of months of starting. Hopefully not a big task.


31 Jul 2024

Visitors from Fifth Day

Welcome to Reach Volunteering. We are a community and registered charity that connects people, skills and good causes.

To apply for this role, and any other on our platform, you need to be based in the UK, have at least three years of experience using the skills you wish to volunteer in a professional capacity or have lived experience (for trustee roles). Read more about our criteria.

We are a small, volunteer led charity seeking to improve our digital footprint and Google ranking so we can reach more potential donors. We fundraise to help working children in Ecuador get an education and break the cycle of poverty. 

What will you be doing?

We are in the process of revamping our website and in need of an SEO and website expert to help us reshape our content so that it improves the number of search terms we appear in, and our google rankings against those keywords. It would be great to find someone who can do a competitor review of search terms, advise on how to change our content so it's more SEO-friendly, and provide insight and advice on digital strategies to help us reach a greater target audience. Any advice of how to better structure the website and an ability to re-design the page is a nice-to-have. We can look for an additional volunteer for web design if needed. 

The volunteer would collaborate with me (marketing lead) to create a plan of action, and make the changes needed. Advice on the best strategies is very welcome. 

What are we looking for?

Looking for someone with SEO, digital and website experience and skills. SEO experience is our primary need at this point but digital marketing experience and advice would be welcome.

What difference will you make?

Through your expertise, you'll be helping us to reach more potential donors which will enable us to help more children in Ecuador get the support they need. We will be able to fund more outreach workers and teachers.

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    ViaNinos is a small, volunteer-led charity that fundraises to provide educational opportunities for street and working children in Quito, Ecuador. The young children are taken to work in markets...