Deputy Chair

Deputy Chair

At a glance


  • General / operations management
  • Management consultancy
  • Project / programme management
  • Volunteer management


London, E15 4AQ
Mainly at home


Mostly during office hours Estimate of time needed:
1-3 hours / week

Visitors from Fifth Day

Welcome to Reach Volunteering. We are a community and registered charity that connects people, skills and good causes.

To apply for this role, and any other on our platform, you need to be based in the UK, have at least three years of experience using the skills you wish to volunteer in a professional capacity or have lived experience (for trustee roles). Read more about our criteria.

Support the Chair in leading the board, ensuring effective governance, and implementing strategic plans. Stand in for the Chair as needed, contribute to board development, and engage with stakeholders.

What will you be doing?

Our board is navigating critical growth phases and strategic planning to meet community needs effectively. Key goals include enhancing board governance practices and strengthening financial sustainability.

Role Expectations: Seeking a Deputy Chair to collaborate closely with the Chair in leading strategic initiatives and ensuring board effectiveness. This role plays a pivotal part in overseeing governance, fostering stakeholder relationships, and driving impactful decision-making.

What are we looking for?

Leadership Skills: Ability to provide strategic guidance.

Governance Expertise: Understanding of regulatory compliance.

Strategic Thinking: Capability to contribute to long-term planning.

Stakeholder Engagement: Skill in building relationships.

Communication: Strong verbal and written skills.

Team Collaboration: Ability to work well with others.

Commitment: Dedication to organizational mission and values

What difference will you make?

Make a meaningful difference in the lives of children from socioeconomically disadvantaged areas.

Networking and professional development opportunities.

Satisfaction of contributing to the growth and success of a dynamic organization.

  • Children / families
  • Organisation type: 
    Not for profit

    StartYoungUK is dedicated to supporting young people from the age of 5-18 years from socio-economically disadvantaged areas by providing mentorship, educational workshops, and access to essential...