Community shop seeks committee member with skills to be treasurer

Community shop seeks committee member with skills to be treasurer

Ongoing role
At a glance


  • Accountancy / Auditing
  • Financial management


All Cannings, SN10 3PA
Mainly at home
Travel limit? 25 miles or less ideally


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
1-3 hours / week
Estimated 10 hours a month plus meetings every 6 weeks.

A treasurer is needed for our well established community shop. This role is vital to ensure continued success of our village resource, which supports locals residents, holidaymakers and suppliers as a place to shop as well as a community hub

What will you be doing?

A vacancy exists in the role of Treasurer for the All Cannings Shop Society Limited, a volunteer organisation.

For the right person this is a great opportunity to contribute to village life, get involved with the community and support a valued local asset.

The Treasurer is a key member of the committee who conducts the financial affairs of the shop with support of the Bookkeeper. Primary duties of the role include budget planning, financial reporting, record-keeping, managing incoming and outgoing funds. The outgoing Treasurer will provide a comprehensive hand over and all relevant / required training.

The role requires accountancy experience (not necessarily in retail) and a willingness to participate with other committee members in regular meetings (approx. every 6 weeks). Knowledge of sage accounting package is desirable.

The mission of the shop is to provide a service to local residents and to make a sufficient annual surplus to guarantee ongoing liquidity, not to make large profits.

The Treasurer role requires circa 10 hours of work / commitment per month, this is excluding committee meetings.

Please see the job description for further information

What are we looking for?

Our treasurer needs to have accountancy skills as detailed in the job description. They will have to work with the committee to ensure the long term success of our community shop. They will need to work in particular with the committee chair, the shop manager, and the shop bookkeeper, as well as the committee as a whole at the six weekly meetings.

What difference will you make?

The role of treasurer is vital for the running of our community shop. Although we are not for profit, we have to run as a small business, which requires good accounting and financial skills. As a valued committee member, you will also be involved in the overall behind the scenes runnng of the shop, including helping us to adapt and thrive, scope new possiblities, and plan for the future. Joining us means you can help us realise our ambition to replace our current tired temporary building with a purpose built construction. We have exciting times ahead!

Before you apply

Please apply through Reach in the first instance, with details of why you are interested and your relevant experience. Please feel free to contact us via Reach with any questions

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    Society, cooperative or credit union

    Our community shop is a village hub, providing our rural community (6+ miles from the nearest supermarket, and with a very limited bus service) with its only shop. It offers access to a wide range...