Children Coach & Coordinator for educational clubs in Yorkshire

Children Coach & Coordinator for educational clubs in Yorkshire

Ongoing role
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  • Project / programme management
  • Safeguarding
  • Mentoring / Coaching
  • Social care / Counselling
  • Teaching / Education
  • Training


Leeds / Yorkshire, WF5 8ED
Mainly at home
Travel limit? Minimal travel required. Flexible working pattern


Mostly outside office hours Estimate of time needed:
1-3 hours / week
1-3 hours a week


29 Feb 2024

Are you an experienced children's coach, or counselor passionate about making a huge difference in the lives of children & teens in the UK? If yes, we would really appreciate your help and would be interested in talking with you.

What will you be doing?

We are looking for a Volunteer Mentor & Children Coordinator based in Leeds or around Yorkshire to support us with developing and delivering our children's activities and Kids academy in the UK. This is a part-time voluntary position, reporting to the Board of Trustees, and the successful applicant will work alongside experienced colleagues, parents, & educators

Do you have the qualification and training to counsel primary-aged children on a range of personal issues, challenges, and emotions? Do you have experience & skills in organizing children’s events, academy sessions, and webinars that teach kindness to children?

If yes, we would really appreciate your help and would be very interested in talking with you.

Afrikindness Children coordinator oversees all activities and events related to children in the UK. The primary purpose of the Children cohort is to teach children the right social and emotional behaviors needed to thrive in any environment.

We run  workshops for children ages 5 - 18 years to help develop their social and emotional intelligence skills and thrive in the UK to cover modules like Resilience, Sexism & Growing up, Critical thinking, Values & Morals, Identity and Self-awareness in children, etc

Our overall aim is that children will grow up to be strong, resilient and have access to early help and support when they need it. Our vision is to have kind children and our measure of success will be strong partnerships, children-led projects and community engagement, and strong and resilient children making an impact on a global scale.

You will coordinate a team of volunteers (parents) from the minority ethnic group to launch the Kids academy, coordinate regular and effective webinars and deliver high-quality children's skills programs, thereby equipping children and young adults with the needed skills to thrive in the UK.

Afrikindness is a charitable organization run and led by volunteers. We would like to build a community for children and young adults in the UK and deliver events, academy, and webinars, that will make a real difference in families and the lives of children and young adults.

This is a leadership role, we need someone to create a cohesive, responsible, and efficient team contributing to the above, which brings rewards in terms of self-achievement, development, infectious positive morale, togetherness, and contributing significantly to the future of this organization.

What are we looking for?

Responsibilities: - 

  • Facilitate the children-led projects by working with the children and their families. 
  • Facilitate regular Kids' academy sessions or workshops that will build their social and emotional skills. These sessions will be done in hubs and there will be other coordinators that you will work with within each hub.
  • Work alongside volunteers, Children, and Parent Coach across the UK & abroad to ensure the success of the Kids' academy sessions/workshops.
  • Coordinate training content for children working alongside the Teacher’s cohort coordinator to create compelling content for children on the 4 focus areas – kindness to oneself, kindness to others, kindness to the environment, and kindness to Africa.
  • Participate in timely risk assessments for events, taking a strengths-based approach, involving the children and the families, and all relevant stakeholders in this process. 
  • To provide advice, support, advocacy, and guidance to children and young people in order to assist them in expressing their views and upholding their rights.
  • To support the wider organizational activity and strategy of Afrikindness. Represent Afrikindness globally in all children-related events.
  • To work in partnership with relevant agencies, to develop and deliver a Kids Academy model, to enhance the outcomes for children. 

Skills required: -

  • Experience in children's counseling, or extensive experience working with children in another capacity such as teaching or clubs.
  •  Experience in delivery of programs, planning workshops, and comprehensive knowledge of the issues and developmental needs of black children.
  • Understanding the safeguarding issues & other related challenges faced in the UK is necessary, especially the experience of black children.
  • Be ready to have DBS checked.
  • Must have excellent communication skills and the ability to plan events and webinars, they must have the ability to be positive in approach; supporting and encouraging others through uncertainty or change.
  • Have a good understanding of the pressure black children face and have an interest in seeking solutions to those issues.
  •  Communication, outreach, and engagement skills, to approach and recruit new parents, speakers, and influencers.
  • Eagerness to establish and maintain relationships with internal and external partners


What difference will you make?

You will be joining our charity during an exciting point in our development and a period of real growth; your expert knowledge, skill, and experience will be critical to our success. You will have a key role in ensuring we can maintain the work that we do. You will be a part of our small, extremely friendly, passionate, and forward-thinking charity team.

We facilitate children-led projects across the UK and in Africa, provide African-based content and educational resources that promote kindness and advocate for kindness in schools. Our parent and teacher cohorts are essential to achieving our aim as they play a key role and make decisions during the formative years of a child. You will work alongside other passionate team members and professionals.

You will be responsible for leading the team of volunteers, overseeing the children's planning group, and will work with our Founder and the education team to create and launch our children’s resources. You will work with marketing & training consultants to create visually compelling content. You will work with our Research team & CEO so that we can create programs that are research-backed and data-informed and identify relevant organizations with that we can collaborate, partner, and share resources and expertise.

As a children coordinator with Afrikindness, you will help to create the image of Afrikindness seen and understood by the community we serve. Through your work, you will be contributing to the work we do, bringing awareness to the mental health issues children face, the lack of empathy, issues with bullying, hatred, racism, and the effect on children, especially of black heritage and the role of parents as well as what Afrikindness is doing to tackle these issues.


Before you apply

  • If you don't possess 100% of the skills requested but feel you are a strong candidate nevertheless please do apply as you will be part of a team with a broad skill-set. As you will be working remotely for most of the role and we will provide you with as much support as possible. This application is urgent and we are looking for the right candidate to start as soon as possible.
  • "Interviews will be an informal Zoom chat with CEO"
  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Children / families
  • Education
  • Local / community
  • Mental health
  • Young people
  • Organisation type: 

    Afrikindness is a non-profit public-benefit organization with the primary aim of promoting acts of kindness amongst children and young adults, igniting a desire in them to make a positive impact...