Business Development Trustee, Counselling Charity

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Organisation: Anchor Counselling

Location Hounslow, London (West), TW4 7NN
Where the role is based Mainly at home
Travel limit Greater London
Opportunity type Trustee/Governor
Reference number J55236

Opportunity description

As a highly-respected, charity, Anchor Counselling is currently exploring opportunities to diversify its income. We require an experienced and imaginative trustee with experience in government business development. 

The role

As a highly-respected, clinically-led charity, Anchor Counselling is currently exploring opportunities to diversify its income stream and assess what changes are needed to be able to provide clinically-led services on a commercial and a charitable basis. 

This change is driven not just by cost pressures and infrastructure reductions by the NHS, which is currently our only funding supplier but also a belief in Anchor as an organisation that can be there for people in times of need. While the Anchor organisation and its 35 counsellors are highly-rated by the NHS, it is clear that Anchor must obtain other sources of funding. 

Our vision is to provide psychotherapy and related wellness to NHS and private patients in West London and other London boroughs.  We are also considering social investment in support of this vision. There is more information about the current Anchor on our website and Reach profile page.

To complete this transition, Anchor requires an experienced and imaginative business development trustee with experience in government tendering and business development.  Currently, the board members are: Chairman, Vice Chairman, CEO and Secretary.  We are also recruiting a Treasurer.

The role has two dimensions: strategic and operational: the strategic dimension involves conceptualising and analysing new, commercial or charitable opportunities, and participating with the board in the implementation decisions.  Examples of these opportunities include eCounselling; provision of a ‘wellness package’, possibly including yoga; moving into Employee Assistance Programs; expanding our services into other London boroughs; and social investment in necessary counselling infrastructure. 

The operational dimension includes assisting Anchor staff in developing an effective pipeline, ‘radar system’, and in successful implementation of opportunities.  The Business Development Director will also be involved in the preparation of tenders.

Required skills

  • Business development
  • Fundraising strategy
  • Researching funders / writing proposals

Person description

Required skills:

  • A good working knowledge of business development
  • Business experience at a management level
  • Familiarity with the NHS, while not essential, would be a plus.
  • Familiarity with principles of Social Investment would also be beneficial


Person Description:

  • A successful track record in business development.
  • Imaginative, entrepreneurial
  • Collegial, a team player
  • Personal values:
    • Quality/Getting it Right First Time
    • Integrity/Honesty
    • Openness
    • Willingness to Commit

What impact the opportunity will have

This is a make-or-break transition for Anchor.  If we get it right, more individuals with mental health issues will be helped at lower cost to the government.  This, in turn, will raise employment, life satisfaction and standards of living in the areas we serve.  If we are unsuccessful, the breadth and quality of mental health treatment will decline in West London.  In fact, a successful transition by Anchor may become a template to be adopted at a national level.

What’s in it for the volunteer?

The pride and recognition which comes from successfully meeting a challenge.  The opportunity to learn and grow as an individual.  The satisfaction of being part of a first-class team.

Time commitment

Either in or out of office hours

Board meetings are held in West London every six weeks for about three hours. There is usually an annual board away day.

Other details

Available on request.