Assist with Press Releases on Community Led Project

Assist with Press Releases on Community Led Project

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  • Copywriting / Journalism


Carmarthen, SA32 7QL
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Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
1-15 hours or 15-90 hours
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01 Nov 2024

Visitors from Fifth Day

Welcome to Reach Volunteering. We are a community and registered charity that connects people, skills and good causes.

To apply for this role, and any other on our platform, you need to be based in the UK, have at least three years of experience using the skills you wish to volunteer in a professional capacity or have lived experience (for trustee roles). Read more about our criteria.

Assist an ancient forest based community in Wales with press releases to encourage visitors to our forest garden as part of a project to build a strong, community led, sustainable economy.

What will you be doing?

In the 1940's  far seeing foresters decided to run a long experiment planting 91 test plots of trees not normally planted in forest style conditions within Brechfa Forest  The foresters wanted to find out how the trees would respond to being planted and managed in traditional forest style techniques in the soil and weather conditions of Wales.   This is the only forest garden creating in Wales by Forestry Commission and one of only 4 in the UK  (1 in Scotland and 2 in England).  Over the years they measured growth patterns and the health of the trees to assess how useful each species would a Forest.  

Some of the plots contain trees classified as endangered or rare.   others have trees with adaptions such changes to their bark which would enable them to survive forest fires.  As the tourism cluster group for Brechfa Forest we have had some grant funding to digitise the research results on publish on our website.

We need help to raise the profile of our forest in general,  and the forest garden in particular from someone able to write articles  that will be picked up by the press.   Our forest is only a few miles from the National Botanical Gardens for Wales so we already have visitors in the area who are interested in plant based tourist attractions in addition to the specialist interest for people wanting a forest bathing experience,   or inspiration for planting trees on their own land.    We have been designated as an exemplar community to demonstrate the advantages of community led sustainable development in a project with the then Prince Charles as president have permission to mention his support in articles.  

What are we looking for?

Copywriting experience. The ability to write articles that inspire both general tourists looking for a special tree lined walk,   as well as people interested in researching trees for their own woodland planting projects.

What difference will you make?

Woodlands across the UK are losing trees to diseases like Ash dieback,  and  Dutch Elm disease.    Please help us to build on the 80 years of research to demonstrate alternative tree species to grow in their places,   and support  our community to build a sustainable economy based on year round visitors to our forest. 

Before you apply

We are a friendly team of volunteers,   we are not so formally structured to have an application form. 

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    We are a community level organisation of volunteers founded as part of a Welsh Government initiative on sustainable,  community led development.  

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