Advisor on Website Development

Advisor on Website Development

Short term project
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  • SEO and analytics
  • Software and web development
  • Web design (including UX/UI)


Carmarthen, SA32 7QL
Remote opportunity


Either in or out of office hours Estimate of time needed:
15-90 hours
We can be completely flexible on methods of working, and schedules to fit in with the volunteer.


01 Sep 2024

Visitors from Fifth Day

Welcome to Reach Volunteering. We are a community and registered charity that connects people, skills and good causes.

To apply for this role, and any other on our platform, you need to be based in the UK, have at least three years of experience using the skills you wish to volunteer in a professional capacity or have lived experience (for trustee roles). Read more about our criteria.

We are a group of volunteers developing a new website and would like the assistance of someone who keeps upto date on SEO,  Google Analytics,  effective websites when viewed on phones.   

What will you be doing?

While sister ancient forests of the UK like the New Forest and the Forest of Dean are well known as destinations for tourists,  our Welsh forest is not.   

We want to create a community managed website containing information to encourage and support walkers,   horse riders and mountain bikers to explore our forest and associated mountain while linking in to the local economy.    We want to discourage people from driving to a car park,   undertaking a circular waymarked route,  returning to the car and driving home.   We want to encourage visitors to purchase local produce from one of the village stores for a picnic,   or call in at a village pub,  tea room or cafe for lunch.   We not only want to encourage people to stay in local holiday accommodation but also buy local produce and visit local craft workshops.

We currently have a wordpress website which contains information for local businesses to help them support tourists.    That website was developed with grant funding as at the time maps built on Ordinance Survey maps was a specialist skill.  (Google maps are useful for larger scale maps,  but not for detailed mapping in rural areas.)    There are now plugins,   and applications providing improved mapping options.  

All of the committee members have knowledge of managing their own business websites,   some of which include websites developed using wordpress that they update themselves.  Obviously we don't have the in depth knowledge of someone working full time on website development so we are looking for someone who can offer assistance and advice.    

One of the challenges we will have is SEO,   Welsh village,  business,  and area names are an important element of the heritage but can create hurdles with keywords.

A key element of our work will be map displays,   which are easier to incorporate on websites developed for viewing on PC's  than on phones making selecting and tailoring the theme a key process.

The long term management of this website will be by volunteers so we have to put in place the most effective,   time efficient methods of monitoring engagement and optimisation.

We understand how important blogging is in keeping a website fresh,  but are concerned that if many local individual accommodation providers copy and share on their own website information cut and paste from our website it will reduce the ranking of both sites.  

What are we looking for?

An experienced wordpress developer,  skilled at creating a website which is SEO optimised and works well for mobile phones users as well as desktop and tablet users. 

It is important to us that all volunteers within the project gain from involvement.  Rather have seeking someone to do the work of setting up the new website we are looking for someone able to advise volunteers within our community to build up their skills so that they can do the work themselves. 

What difference will you make?

We are designated as an exemplar community by the Welsh Government as a community taking the lead on sustainable development.   Linking tourism to building a strong sustainable economy.    The skills we learn are shared with other communities so helping us will have the effect of helping many other communities. 

Before you apply

We are a small group of volunteers,  we do not have a formal application process.   We are happy to chat about how to work together so that the role is tailored to help all volunteers achieve their aims.

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    Small or unincorporated organisation

    We are a community level organisation of volunteers founded as part of a Welsh Government initiative on sustainable,  community led development.  

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