Reach joins podcast on charities and climate change


In a special podcast, Reach, London Travel Watch and the Stonegrove Community Trust look at the first steps, challenges and find the motivation to start tackling the climate emergency.

In a special episode of the podcast ‘Leadership Worth Sharing’, Janet Thorne (CEO of Reach Volunteering) joins Gus Alston (CEO of the Stonegrove Community Trust) and Emma Gibson (Director of London Travel Watch) to talk about what their organisations have been doing to tackle the climate emergency. 

In the podcast, Gus, Janet and Emma discuss:

  • The urgency and importance of the climate crisis.
  • The challenge of embedding it into their organisation’s mission, vision and values.
  • The role of charities and why they have struggled to act in this space.
  • Leaders taking the first steps to action. 

To listen to the full podcast, please visit the ACEVO website.

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