Reach celebrates five years online

In 2015 we took our service online and it transformed our ability to deliver at scale. Since then, we have placed over 7,700 trustees and volunteers. 

Reach Volunteering has been running since 1979, connecting volunteers with charities.

Before we took our service online, our team had to match every individual and charity, and communicate between the two. We realised that if we wanted to really scale and make matching more effective, we needed to enable charities and volunteers to do it for themselves.

Moving online was a huge project which transformed our whole organisation, and there were plenty of challenges along the way, but it has enabled us to scale up our services and respond to the needs of charities and volunteers in ways we had not imagined.

Since August 2015 we've supported charities to recruit over 3,000 trustees, and over 4,500 other skills-based volunteers, donating their expertise to projects and longer term roles. We are now placing more than three times as many people as we did before going online, without any increase to our costs. Digital really can help you scale. Most of all, we are proud the the impact that these trustees and volunteers have had, and are continuing to make, every day.

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