Be part of our national climate campaign

Hands holding protest signs about the climate crisis - "There is no planet B", "Save Mother Earth" and "Climate is changing, why aren't we?"

Help us get more people volunteering for climate and environmental organisations!


We recognise that the climate and biodiversity crises are the defining challenges of our era and we want to get more people volunteering for climate and environmental organisations. We know there’s a big appetite to volunteer - we’ve seen record numbers of volunteers signing up. We also know that people want to do something positive about climate. We want to encourage them to do both. 

In September, we’re launching #VolunteerForClimate, a national campaign to inspire people to volunteer as a way of taking action on climate. We’ll be promoting volunteering opportunities and sharing stories that show the real impact that climate volunteering can have. 

If you are a climate or environmental related organisation, we would love you to join us by: 

  • Posting volunteering roles - If you’ve been thinking about getting a volunteer, now’s the time to do it. Whether you’re looking for social media support, a trustee, a website designer, workshop facilitator, treasurer or a fundraiser, make sure your role is up on our website by 11 September, ready for us to promote during the campaign. Here are some quick tips on how to do this.  
  • Spreading the word - We need as many people as possible engaging with climate action. The more people involved in this campaign, the more we can create and drive change. Please let others in your network know about our upcoming climate campaign so they can post their roles and share their stories too.  

This is your chance to find a volunteer and join an important campaign about climate action. There is strength in collective action!