Should I volunteer?

Skilled volunteering is incredibly rewarding. You are able to put your previous experience and hard-earned expertise to good use. You also have the satisfaction of knowing your work makes a real difference to real people. You will build new relationships, learn new things and build on your existing skills. 

There are nearly 180,000 registered charities to choose from as well as many other smaller, grassroots organisations. You can also get involved in public sector organisations and become a school governor, an unpaid magistrate or volunteer with a hospital patients association. Many volunteers help organisations providing services to their own communities.

Skilled volunteers can transform an organisation’s ability to deliver its services, whether you are working on a short-term project, a long-term commitment or a fixed board appointment.

Reach offers volunteers the opportunity to use their professional expertise to benefit a cause or organisation they feel strongly about. We provide people with skills an easy way to find roles where they can make a genuine contribution to an organisation working for the public good. Skilled volunteering allows people to apply their professional skills and experience in a totally new environment and context. It can be both challenging and hugely satisfying.

The stimulation and enjoyment I get from using my existing skills, learning new ones and meeting a variety of people is wonderful!
Jack Sanderson, Trustee / Mentor with Third Age Computer Fun

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