Introduction to the voluntary sector

Voluntary organisations throughout the UK work towards achieving specific aims and objectives delivering tangible benefits to our society. With over 180,000 registered charities in the UK with dedicated staff and volunteers there are many different types of organisations and causes to consider donating your skills to.

Charities are very different from commercial companies as they have:

  • Multiple stakeholders: their beneficiaries (the most important group of stakeholders),
  • Funders (there may be many of these, often with different priorities to each other),
  • The charity’s own staff
  • Volunteers and trustees
  • Any partners the charity might be working with.

Many charities need skilled volunteers to help their charity thrive and to enable them to provide relevant and efficient services. If you have a useful skill and a relevant professional background, why not give it a go? Find out more about volunteering through Reach

More about the voluntary sector: