How do I do a skills audit?

An effective charity board needs a range of skills, attributes and personal experience to enable it to work towards the aims and objectives of the voluntary organisation.  The skills, diversity and experience within its board members will come from a wide range of perspectives.

Carrying out a skills audit is a simple but strong way of keeping a register of your charity's board skills and experience.

Why do a skills audit?

Even if you aren’t recruiting new charity trustees at the moment, building a picture of the skills of the current board is still invaluable. It gives the board the information it needs to assess how the board may be affected by retiring trustees or any new challenges the charity faces.  An established skills register will also help organisations respond more quickly when new trustees are needed.

A skills audit will capture the current skills of the trustee board and highlight possible gaps in trustee skills or where professional guidance is required.  The audit can help guide the board to recruit or co-opt new trustees with the key knowledge, experience or skills required to enhance its performance and capability. Skills and experience are not static and updating the skills register annually will help keep the information current and relevant.

We have provided a template to allow you to perform a skills audit with your board: Download the TrusteeWorks Simple Skills Audit