Becoming and being a trustee

Becoming a trustee provides the opportunity to apply the skills and experience you have gained to a totally new environment and context.

Why become a trustee?

As a trustee you could help a charity improve people’s lives, change the environment or transform a community. Being a trustee can also build your social contacts, enhance your CV or get you involved in something completely new. Many volunteer trustees find working as part of a team hugely energising and satisfying.

Our volunteer trustees are varied; some are retired, many are working full or part time. Trusteeship can fit around your work, home and other commitments. Most of our trustees have at least three years' experience in marketing, accountancy, HR, strategic planning, finance, project management, business, general management or other relevant skill areas.

Find out more about what it means to be a trustee at:

How to find a trustee role

Use our Knowledge centre to help you clarify the role of a trustee.

Once you have decided to become a trustee, our online service means you can search for the kind of roles and organisations you would like to get involved in. For example are you interested in helping a big or small organisation? Or are you passionate about child welfare, the environment or the arts?

Search our opportunities to see what inspires you. 

Visit our volunteer area to find out how to register with Reach and apply for a trustee role.