Support for boards

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For nearly 35 years, we have been providing a valued recruitment service, matching the skills of professional people to the vital needs of the voluntary sector. It’s also for the most part free of charge.  Find out more about Reach's TrusteeWorks service.

We have put together some useful guidance and support for trustees. Explore this section below.

Becoming and being a trustee

If you are looking to become a trustee we have a number of guides to explain what is involved such as preparing you for first contact with a charity, how to apply, and what sort of questions they should be asking.    

We want to put volunteers and charities in touch, but also to lay the foundations for each party to understand and work together successfully:

Recruiting and retaining a trustee

We know what volunteers are looking for so can help charities pitch the role attractively. Securing the best qualified candidate is important, as is retaining skilled people once they've joined: