Our advisory panel

At Reach we know how important it is to access the knowledge needed to design the best volunteer roles. Every role at every organisation is unique. We have over 35 years experience of placing skilled volunteers into every type of organisation.  We know what works best and what to avoid.
We have assembled an advisory panel to help you find the skills you need. Our advisors are happy to help with any aspect of volunteering that you need help with, including:

  • Helping you scope and design the volunteer roles you really need 
  • Presenting your roles in the most attractive way to recruit the right volunteers
  • Thinking about how to support volunteers so they can make a real difference to your organisation

How it works

The advisory panel is made up of skilled volunteers who are available for phone consultations to discuss your volunteer recruitment needs. The consultations are 15 minutes long. We ask that you book ahead and confirm a mutually agreeable time. This will allow your advisor to prepare and provide you with the best possible information.

To book a phone consultation please email mail@reachskills.org.uk. Include a short description of your needs and some timeslots you are available to talk. We will then contact you confirming a consultation time.

The advisory panel is a pilot service we are testing to help make the most of our skilled volunteer community. Over time we want to develop our advice service so that we can offer better, more targeted support to organisations looking for volunteers, offering advice on a wide range of topics.  We also want to offer it to volunteers as well.

If you have any feedback on the advisory panel or our new online service, get in touch and let us know.

Please note, many of the topics covered by the advisory panel can also be found in our Knowledge centre, our extensive resource with hits, tips and advice on volunteers.