Why has my opportunity been taken down?

So that we can provide the best service possible to our users, we try to ensure that volunteers and charities posting on our site are actively engaged.

Opportunities with a deadline

If your opportunity has a deadline, we will automatically remove it when the deadline has passed. We will email you a week in advance, so if you wish to extend the deadline you can.

Once the deadline has passed, if there are open applications, we will simply pause the opportunity. This means that you can either close off those applications and then close the role permanently, or extended the deadline and reopen the role.  If there are no open applications we will close the role for you. You can copy the opportunity if you wish to extend the deadline.

Opportunities without a deadline

To keep roles active and relevant, we only allow posting for a maximum of 6 to 12 months depending on the type of opportunity. (We are looking to reduce this to 6 months for all roles to ensure that posters are still engaged with the recruitment process.)

We will email to let users know when the role has been closed.  If you are still recruiting, you can repost the role by copying the closed role. We always suggest reviewing and refreshing the copy before you resubmit.

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