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Your basic account details
Organisation contact email addresses

Your basic account details

The Manage account section of the dashboard is where you can change your account details:

  • your name
  • display name
  • email
  • password and
  • your newsletter preferences

You can find the link to the Manage account section at the top left of any page of your dashboard, under your display name.

From here, click through to edit your Basic account details.

Make any changes you wish, and hit save at the bottom of the screen. If you want to change either your email address or your password, you will need to enter your current password.

Email address for organisation contacts

Org contacts can have two different email addresses. The one in your basic account details is the one you use to log in, and we’ll use to contact you about your account, or any service updates, and, if you are subscribed, our newsletter.

You can use a different email address for any activity associated with your organisation, for instance, notifications of applications, or emails about your opportunities. Details on how to change this address and other updates to your organisation profile.

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If you have any questions about getting in touch or how use the website, this is the place to start.

Changing your subscription preferences

Help changing your subscription preferences

Update your volunteer profile

Details on how to update your volunteer profile and preferences

Updating your organisation profile or logo

Details on how to update your organisation profile and contact address