Updating your organisation profile or logo

Your profile should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. It is linked to and forms part of the opportunities listed on our site and streamed to our partners.

On the Manage Account page (accessed from the top left of your dashboard menu, 1 in the screenshot) there will be a section on managing your basic account (2), and your organisation profile (3). 

If you are registered with more than one organisation on our site, they will all be listed here (4).

Within your organisation profile edit options you can:

  • View organisation profile to see how your profile appears publicly. (5)
  • You can edit any of the details on your profile with Edit organisation profile (6) including adding or updating your logo.
  • Edit your contact details (7) to change your title, phone number (visible only to Reach) or your contact email address. This is the address we use to email you about your roles and applications. Any emails about your account or our service will be emailed to the address you use to log in. This can be updated in your basic account details.
  • If you are the primary account holder, you can approve requests to add new contacts to your organisation under Manage all contacts for organisation (8). If someone leaves, you can remove them here. Details on Adding colleagues to your organisation

If you want to change the primary account holder, you can do that by updating your organisation profile.

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Updating your details

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Changing your subscription preferences

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