Updating an application with the outcome

As a charity, we rely on reporting our impact for our funding, and as service designers your data and feedback help us improve our platform.

When you have decided the outcome of an application, it’s important to close it off on your dashboard. Please do this even if the volunteer already knows the outcome.

Don’t know the outcome yet? Read about how to tell us a date when you expect a decision, or our overview of how applications work might help.

Understanding the placement buttons

In your dashboard, on the application, you will find a status bar along with placement buttons. These allow you to close off an application when you know its outcome.


What do the buttons mean?

placed button

Placed: Congratulations! You've found a skills based volunteer or trustee to fill your opportunity

placed other button
Placed other: Well done! While the volunteer won't be doing the role they applied for, they will (or already have) contributed their time and skills to your organisation in a different capacity. 

Not placed or volunteer withdrew
Not placed: Unfortunately, this application didn't lead to a match. This could be for many reasons, such as another applicant was placed, the role was no longer available, or the applicant wasn't suited to the role.
OR - 
Volunteer withdrew: Select this option if the volunteer told you they were no longer interested or if you never heard back from them. 

What happens when I click these buttons?

Before confirming your selection, you will be asked if you have contacted the volunteer already. If not, you can send a message through our platform. While it’s important that you update Reach with the outcome, it’s even more important that the volunteer knows!

They won’t be penalised in any way if you mark them “not placed” or “volunteer withdrew”. We don’t rank or rate our volunteers. 

If you place them, then the placement may show on their volunteer profile.

Submit a decision date

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Don't know the outcome yet? You can let us know when you expect to know, by submitting a decision date. This date doesn't have to be exact, and it isn't biding. It just helps us keep tabs on the application and means we won't ask you for an outcome before you are ready. 

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Once you submit a decision date, it will show on your dashboard. Reach will be able to see it, but the volunteer will not. You can update it at any time using the “edit the date” link.

Need help with an application?

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The first place to try is with the applicant. If you need more information from them, or haven’t heard back, please try sending a follow-up email. If that doesn’t work, use the link to “Contact Reach about this conversation” and we’ll do our best to help.

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