Update your volunteer profile

It’s important to keep your profile up-to-date so that organisations can see what sort of role you are interested in and what skills you would like to offer. 


Volunteers can set their availability. If you update your profile to Not available you will no longer appear in search results and other users won’t be able to see your profile. It’s important to keep your availability up to date so that organisations know if you are actively looking for opportunities.

Change your availability by going to Manage Account: Volunteer profile. (You can find the link to Manage account from the top left of your dashboard menu, marked 1 in the screenshot.)

Under Volunteer profile, there is a section for Your profile preferences (2). Change your availability here and click Update at the bottom to save your changes.

Your profile

There are links to view and edit your profile on the Manage Account page (3 in the screenshot above).

Remember when you view your profile, you are seeing the application view. This is what an organisation will see if you apply for a role with them. Your CV (or linkedin or portfolio equivalent) are not publicly visible. 

If you click edit your volunteer profile, you will be taken to a form with all of your current profile details. You can change any of these, including updating your About me, uploading a new CV or changing any of your preferences about the type of role or cause you are interested in supporting. Click Save at the bottom to capture your changes.

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