Resetting your password

If you forget your password, or want to update it, you can reset it using the forgotten password form.

Simply enter your email address in the forgotten password form and click “reset password”.

You should receive an email within 10 minutes. Click the link in the email and you will be logged in and asked to create a new password. If you use a password manager, make sure that you save the new password and that the username listed is your registered email address.

What if I don’t receive an email?

If you don’t receive an email, please check your spam folder first.

If it’s not there, please complete the form again, making sure there are no typos. (This is the number one reason emails don’t get through!)

It’s also worth considering if you are using the correct email address. Users registered on behalf of an organisation often have one email they use for their opportunity listings (often their “work” email) but they may have used a personal email when they signed up. It’s this original email that is attached to your log in.

If you try again and still don’t receive the email, please contact us for help at 0203 925 7721.

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