Keeping your information private

We want to keep your personal data private. Our platform allows you to share as much, or as little, as you want. 


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Keeping your personal details private
Removing your profile from Google
Protecting your information
Organisations need privacy too

Keeping your personal details private

We want to keep your personal details private. Google and other search engines index our site, so if you don’t want your profile to appear when you search for your name, use just your first name or a nickname for your display name. You can update your display name at any time.

For volunteers

Your CV and work history are never available to the general public.

If you make an application, your work history will be available to the recruiting organisation. We do not email CVs or work history. Instead, organisations will need to log in to the platform to view or download CVs or any message attachments.

We do not share your email address or number with anyone, unless you have decided to directly in a message, or have given our service team explicit permission to do so.

We also give you the option to hide the “About me” and/or the “What I am looking for” sections of your profile from the general public by setting them from “Public view” to “Application view”. If set to “Application view” they will only be displayed to charities where you have applied. Of course, this means you are less likely to be contacted by charities as they don’t have a profile to see.

Lastly, if you don’t want to create a profile, you can still apply for a volunteering opportunity on our site by applying as a guest. As a guest you can apply for up to 5 volunteering roles within 30 days of your initial registration, and you can upgrade your account by creating a full volunteer profile at any time. 

Removing your profile from Google

If you’ve used your full name, and it is appearing in Google results already,  the best thing to do is change your display name. Google reindexes the site every few days and will notice the change and update its results accordingly. 

If, however, you choose to take your profile down while it is still part of Google’s search results, either by setting your status to “Not available” or by closing down your account, Google will continue to keep a cached version of your profile with your full name. In this case, you will need to request its removal from Google.

Protecting your information

We know how important it is to protect your personal data, so we have several safeguards in place to protect your data against loss, damage and unauthorised access. We are working with an independent GDPR specialist to ensure we have best practice in place. Below are some of the measures we have taken to ensure our GDPR compliance. More details can be found in our Privacy Policy

We use SSL certificates to encrypt your data when it is transferred  online. We use computer safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption, and we enforce physical access controls to our office and files to keep the data we store safe. We routinely delete personal information when it is no longer needed for us to perform our service.

Our dashboards provide a secure environment for sharing personal information. We know that email is not 100% secure, so we don't email CVs or attachments. To boost security, our platform email is sent with SPF and DKIM security protocols.

We use a number of trusted data processors in order to deliver our services. All third parties are carefully selected and are bound by data-sharing agreements to ensure that they treat your data with the same care and respect as we do.

Organisations need privacy too

At Reach, we are big fans of transparency. When you are looking for a volunteer or trustee, it's important to give them the information they need to decide if they are the right match. But we also know that you might not want to share everything with all of the internet. 

Please remember that opportunities and organisation profiles published on Reach will be available to everyone, not just members of our site. They are shared externally with partners like LinkedIn and will be indexed by Google and other search engines. If you have sensitive information, or information that contains personal data, please  consider  if you should send it to volunteers after an application is made, rather than posting it on your profile or opportunity.

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