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Email alerts for saved searches
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All of our users agree to receive certain service emails as a condition of using the service. These include notifications of messages received through the system, reminders about your profile and opportunities and very occasional service updates.

Email alerts for saved searches

All users can save searches and subscribe to weekly email alerts when new volunteers or opportunities are added that match their criteria. 

You can manage these alerts in your dashboard. At the bottom of the menu on the left (1 in the screenshot) is the link, Saved searches and email alerts

You will see all saved searches plus, if you are a volunteer with a profile, a Profile Match saved search (2). This is automatically updated if you make changes to your skills or volunteering preferences in your volunteer profile. 

Under each saved search is its subscription status. If you want to change it, click edit (3) and save your new preference. 

Our newsletter

All users can sign up or unsubscribe from our newsletter by editing their basic account details.

Receive suggestions for opportunities

Volunteers can receive email suggestions for opportunities that may be of interest to them sent directly from registered organisations, or Reach.

If you’d prefer not to receive these suggestions, you can unsubscribe under Manage Account: Volunteer profile: Your service preference. Click Update to save any changes to this page.

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