How do I apply for a volunteer or trustee opportunity?

Reach Volunteering runs a digital self-service platform where charities can find trustees and volunteers with skills. 

If you meet our criteria - namely that you are based in the UK and have at least 3 years experience in one of our skills areas - then you can apply for trustee and volunteer roles listed on our website. 

Reach does not accept applications directly. You must apply through the platform. You can do this by either creating a volunteer profile, or applying as a guest.

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Create a volunteer profile and apply
Apply as a guest

Create a volunteer profile and apply


Complete our simple form and register to join the Reach Community as a volunteer

Verify your email address

After completing this form we will email you to verify your email address. Be sure to check your junk mail if you don’t receive an email from us within 5 minutes. 

Create a volunteer profile

Click the link we send you in your verification email and you will return to our site, where you can create a volunteer profile. 

Pointing out the register button

Complete your volunteer profile

Our profile form asks about your skills and how you are looking to volunteer, as well as about your work history.  Some of this is used for your online profile (publicly available), but your CV and LinkedIn profile is kept private. You share this with recruiting organisations when you apply for opportunities with them.

More on how we keep your data private.

Submit your profile

Once you have completed your profile, it will be sent to our service team to be reviewed, to check you meet our criteria.

Search for opportunities

In the meantime, you can search our opportunities and apply for any that seem a good match for your experience and your volunteer preferences.  

You can apply for as many as we want, but we don’t recommend having more than a few open applications at a time as it can be difficult to juggle and could lead to lots of disappointed organisations.

Apply as a guest

If you prefer not to create  a profile, but see an opportunity that really interests you, you can apply as a guest. Click the apply button on the opportunity and you will see the option to either Join, Log in or Apply with a guest account. Click this last option.

Pointing out the apply as a guest link

You will be taken through a quick form, where we ask a few details about yourself and work history, and where you message the organisation recruiting. 

As with all volunteers on our platform, we review your work history to make sure you meet our criteria.  You’ll have access to a dashboard on the Reach platform for the duration of your application so you can track your progress and message with the recruiters.

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If you have any questions about getting in touch or how use the website, this is the place to start.